20/20 Vision for the 2020 Election

Dear Concerned American,

Our nation is, right now, teetering on the edge of destruction because of polarization and division throughout America and within the government. We know this has been brewing for many decades from so many angles and ideological differences and has now reached a tipping point. That is why we have a wannabe dictator and wrecking ball in the White House right now and a lying, deceitful Senate majority covering Trump’s repulsive and very clear determination to be crowned king with no checks or balances whatsoever. We must stop it.

 2020 Vision for the 2020 Election is attempting to present the beginning of a well-centered voice, one that is largely being overshadowed by the polarizing voices. This middle voice has far more power, if harnessed, than Trump on the right or any socialistic voice of dominance on the left. We did not get into this mess overnight, and it is certain we cannot get out of it that way either. However, just as certain as the wannabe dictator Trump is working to bring destruction to our democracy in one to two terms as President, the right potential candidate with the right message can bring about healing and unity in the same short period of time. This task is NOT easy, but neither is it impossible.

  My candidacy and “2020 Vision” is about starting a movement to save our nation and our democracy. We want to plant seeds of unification and end the polarization in Washington DC and begin this climb well before the 2020 election. I KNOW we can do it, and it will not take a lifetime to accomplish. For many, it must seem impossible, and that is why most have thrown up their hands about DC politics in disgust, and that is one reason why the polarization has run rampant and is now out of control, but I assure you it is not.

Why? Because if you look back in recent history, no presidential candidate ran on “breaking polarization in DC”. Yes, candidates talk about “working across the aisle”. That, of course is a vital role. However, what I’m proposing is far more than that: a revolutionary move of declaring WAR on polarization.

Together, WE will stand against the divisions in this nation and piece by piece, we will thread the needle of unity where it seemed impossible before. It takes willingness and hard work by a few main individuals, and minor work from many millions to choose not to polarize and divide in our personal lives, and as a whole in society. It is easy to judge and many, like Trump, take pleasure in dividing and destroying what others have built. But it doesn’t have to be that way. That is what my candidacy is about.

   Please consider joining me! We have a small window in time to make a difference and assist in creating clear 2020 Vision for the 2020 Election.

Together, we can see America heal from the divisions that have torn her apart and build a sustainable infrastructure that solves all the major problems in our nation for many generations to come.


John Gunter,

Democratic Candidate for President