What can I do to Help?



If you believe the following and want to join us, please email me at: john@johngunter2020.org 

  • Our democracy is in a state of clear and present danger.
  • Polarization in this nation must end or our nation will be irreparably damaged.
  • The voice of the silent majority is being drowned out.
  • Humility, honor, dignity, and professionalism must be restored to the White House.
  • The next democratic candidate can neither focus only on the issues or only on Trump, but must be well balanced and well centered between the two.
  • After reading the contents, you would like to see more ….

In Addition, 


If you believe the message in this book resonates with you and could bring the needed change to our nation, I ask you to share it in any way you like and get the word out. I’m realistic and know that if this has any life at all, it must spread like wildfire! There is no copyright restriction other than my request for you to pass around in its entirety so people can read in context.

Set aside $10

A LOT of money is needed to run a successful campaign. If you are onboard to hear more from me, I ask you to consider donating to my campaign by clicking the donate button below. I am ready, should funds become available, to setup an infrastructure quickly and move our campaign to the national level at lightning speed. I look at it this way: if 10,000,000 people donate $10, that is $100 million and plenty to make a statement to this nation and carry a future campaign through all the rounds.

Prepare your talent

If this message resonates with you, and you are a campaign attorney, accountant, manager and have a provable track record of supporting democratic causes (no moles allowed), please prepare yourself for offering support to this campaign. I need to hit the ground running as soon as possible. 

Consider running for office

If you are a moderate voice who believes in collaboration rather than confrontation (except for people like Trump where confrontation is the only way), and you resonate with the contents of this book, no matter what state you are in, if you have reasonable competence for holding an office, have a reasonably clean life (not perfect by any means), please consider running for Congress or a state seat in your district if your election cycle will be in 2020.

If you are a Republican, but could never run with them because of the cesspool of dishonesty we have now, I urge you to  be like the State Representative of Iowa, Andy McKean, and jump sides to run as a Democrat and find a reasonable place toward the middle. Like me, find agreement, and shelf the rest for now, and join at the table of sacrifice where we will all hopefully meet soon. Middle-center forces everyone to sacrifice. I detail more about this in the unreleased portion of this book, but there is a place of sacrifice available to all where life is breathed into our democracy once again.

If you move toward running, and if I personally believe you will be easier to work with and get bipartisan legislation through more than an incumbent, there is a reasonable chance I will support you and campaign for you should my own hypothetical campaign ever commence. It does not matter what state or what district, or how red or blue, I will go anywhere money is provided to go. There is no district in the United States I cannot speak with voters, and I don’t care how Trumpian or Republican they are! I want to work with people who want to break the polarization in Washington.

Trump certainly isn’t doing it! Trump cannot possibly clean out the swamp because he is the swamp! But we can if momentum moves us forward! Congress and the White House need simple, honest, competent people. I believe a serious message needs to be sent to Congress that the day of partisan child play and jockeying is over, and that message must be made clear across the board in 2020.

We need people like Senator Jeff Flake and Senator Chris Coons! I will look for people like that who we, as Americans, can trust and work with. If my potential candidacy is ever declared, I will put together a coalition of like minded people who want to see progress in our government like no other. We WILL break the stale waters open and get them moving. We WILL stop the polarizers in Washington IF this future potential candidacy becomes a reality and I get enough support to make it onto the ballot and defeat Trump in 2020. That is my 20/20 vision for the 2020 election, in the nutshell!

The Senate Majority

I know this is similar to the last point, but with focus on the Senate. For the sake of our nation, Mitch McConnell must go as Majority Leader! It is my opinion he has done the second most damage to our Constitution and our government than any other person in government. He may believe he is protecting the nation from “socialism”, but he is “straining a knat in order to swallow the Trump camel” and perhaps he just doesn’t get it. But without him, Trump would have lost his attempts at power grabbing long ago. Except for McConnell, Trump always hung by a tiny thread.

McConnell has made it very difficult for Congress to do its job. Here is the thing. If it were not for the Republican blockade, I would not care whether a moderate Republican or Democrat won, personally. I believe anyone willing to cross the aisle is a valuable asset to our nation right now. But there is an obstinance inside the Trump Party (Republicans) right now, and it is destructive to our nation. Just the fact that the fine Senators Flake and Corker retired when they originally had no intent to, this should say something pretty serious. I therefore urge everyone who reads this to work to get Democrats to take majority in the Senate.

If this happened, and a scenario took place where I were to declare candidacy and win, if there were enough moderate Republican Senators who should be willing to cross the aisle, I would likely veto Democratic bills that “cram” ideology down America’s throats. It would no longer be “business as usual”. I would NOT be the “standard” President running party lines because that is what modern “presidents” do.

If elected. I would encourage a Democratic Majority Congress to override any veto with added Republican and Independent votes if they really want a bill passed. Granted, the chemistry of Congress has to be right for this to work so this would not become any kind of campaign promise if I were to declare candidacy. As an example, for this to work, we couldn’t have Complicit McConnell still being the minority leader.

But if we did get the right chemistry in Congress and a veto was overridden,  instead of Tweeting nasty threats and things about those who voted against my veto, I would count it a VICTORY if I vetoed a bill that was close to party-line and 2/3 came back and defeated my veto. THAT would be a victory because it would indicate people worked together to make it happen and they made a real decision that America wants instead of what they want.

This is the kind of strength I believe we need in the White House, but more than anything, to make that happen, Democrats need to take the Senate back in 2020 to stop people like obstinate McConnell from simply blocking progress for our nation. If I declare a future candidacy and a campaign commences, I will be avidly campaigning everywhere there is a Senate seat open. I don’t care if the state is red, blue, purple, or pink. I will campaign for that state to turn it solid BLUE, and I will campaign hard for it! I believe my message would speak for itself, but I would devote considerable energy making sure the Senate will turn very BLUE in 2020.

Those Republican incumbents who think they are on Easy Street will be in a battle for their political life if I get a chance to move forward and declare candidacy.

And I would need your help by lending your moral and online support as well. If this message resonates with you, America, make this book go viral very quickly, so it becomes crystal clear that I should declare a candidacy for President of the United States. I will be looking for those signs in the news.

After that, stay tuned!