Why I am now supporting Joe Biden

When I first decided to run for President a year ago last January, it was because I saw as clear as daylight EXACTLY how the Democratic Party could crush Trump and the GOP in 2020.

Back then, I had ONE strategy forked into two directions: accurately represent the Democratic Party as close to perceived center as possible and go after Trump’s base of support in DEEP RED states, especially among Evangelicals since I am one.

Second, IF I could get to a national stage, convince Michelle Obama to be my running mate.j

If those two things couldn’t happen precisely, then I decided I would drop out.

Why would I stake my candidacy on Michelle Obama running with me? For one main reason: on day ONE, we needed to hit the ground running to undo the horrible atrocities Trump has done.

In addition, I needed to be able to handle transition from a cheat, liar, and a dirty player who could leave the White House purposely in shambles while the next “green horn” loses time to figure out what he did. I could NOT risk that for our nation during transition, and I wanted to have Michelle with President Obama by her side helping every step of the way during that critical transition time.

In addition, I believe America needed some nostalgia of the “old way” to breathe a sigh of relief from the present destructive hurricane. Michelle and President Obama would be perfect!

It is for this reason that I make the careful statement: clearly I will NOT be President. I did make a good faith effort with what little resources I had, but it wasn’t enough to get going.

I was concerned Joe Biden might not be in a position to defeat Trump as well. Since the South Carolina debate, and the Town Hall where Mr. Biden shared the story about being in the church where the shooting took place in Charleston, I felt I had seen enough to determine that Joe Biden DOES have the empathy our nation MUST have in the next President to overcome the sociopath.

While we need organization (like Mr. Bloomberg has), and while we need vision and progressive foundations laid (like many other candidates have), what we need right now more than anything is rest and healing from the wounds Trump has inflicted. Mr. Biden has the compassion and empathy to heal these wounds.

Mr. Biden will likely be a one term President, just like I would have. We need not fear we are going backwards. Sometimes, going backwards IS going forward. We need to pick up the rest of the nation before we can move left as a whole. It isn’t in the cards to do it now. Any attempt is a serious risk and could place Trump back into the White House for the final destruction of our nation as we know it.

Going progressively left now will rip our nation to shreds. I warned about this over a year ago, have been shouting it since, and the message has NOT changed.

Mr. Biden can represent that bridge to healing our nation needs right now. Progressives may think its going backwards or status quo, but not really. Its simply moving toward the center so many millions willing to jump the line and vote Democratic can hop on the train. Too far left, and they won’t get on. Close to center, and they will run to catch it.

Let’s be that olive branch to pull them in and heal our nation.

To Evangelical Christians

To the Evangelical Christians, support of a presidential candidate should never be about a political party, nor should it be about a so-called charismatic personality who throws red meat to them by showing up at a right to life march.

To anyone who has studied Christian history even slightly, we recognize what a bumbling, utterly grotesque move it is to support a despot in the making, for ultimately, that despot turns his wrath upon them.

But that is not where many in the Church of America seem to be. Not at all. The early church would have recognized Trump’s repulsive deception, his arrogance, his pomp, and his racism from the beginning and never would have followed him. But not many so-called evangelicals in the church of today. They are as stiff-necked and hard-hearted as the original pharisees and if anyone speaks against their king Trump, wrath ensues like vomit dropping out the sky from a half dead vulture.

Such are the ways of many Evangelicals who support their King Trump. It was once thought that Evangelicals would be the constant light and hope of our democracy. But that isn’t so anymore. The obvious impeachable offenses Trump has committed that no one denies, Evangelicals now support. It is disgusting and repulsive for Christians to sleep with Trump as if they were one of his whores.

Do I anger you, Christian who supports this despot renegade? I hope so! Guess what? I’m one of you! I am one of your brothers in Christ and I dare you to open your heart to truth and to stop believing all the filthy lies of this wannabe dictator! I dare you!

Do I anger you? I hope so! The Christ I stand for hates the despicable acts of arrogance and lies of Trump your King! You cannot serve two masters, dear Christian and your support for this horridly toxic individual makes Jesus Christ and the Church look like a desperate, arrogant whore. And there are plenty of Bible verses to back this whorish “spirit gone wild” attitude some Christians have for their one and only King Trump!

Guess what? Jesus is no whore. Nor is the Church of Jesus Christ. What does that mean? It means a day of reckoning is coming for you, for us, and for the world.  “Whosoever loveth and maketh a lie”, according to the Bible, will not be in the upper half of the division coming. Are you one of those or do you stand for truth and justice?

Its one thing to individually struggle as a Christian with personal issues, things we wish we didn’t do, and earnestly seek to be rid of these. It is quite another thing to harbor safety and refuge to a clear and obvious deceiver who is toxic to anyone coming near him as he uses them before trampling under his feet. In case you didn’t notice, he has more characteristics of the Antichrist then of Jesus Christ. Did you notice that dear Christian?

I believe the day may come when many liberals you so condemned over decades will rise into the higher realm while you may fall because they had the integrity and courage you so lacked to expose this ruthless, truth smoldering liar in the White House today. They rose to bravery while you wilted away as a complete coward, stupefied in blindness and hardness of heart.

I hope not. But that is why God sends crystal clear warnings to any and all of us who stray away from the Truth and embrace lies and deception and so-called charismatic leaders who “tickle” their itching ears.

I personally judge no individual. I leave all of that up to God. But I do declare simple, obvious truth, truth that even atheists, witches, Pagans, Buddhists, and every other religious and non-religious persons seem to see so clearly but you seem to miss so blatantly. How pathetic it is to be that blind!

IRAN: Personal notes from January, 2019


  • It would be completely irresponsible to comment too much about Iran if I have not received real intelligence reports from our agencies and information from our allies, so I will keep it limited to comments on news media coverage and what is known publicly as real facts, and what I personally know from my past.
  • If elected President, I will want to hear the minutest details from the differing opinions in the Intelligence community regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal. I would want to consult our allies, not just “what” they want us to do, but “why” they want us to do it. I would want pragmatic advice as well regarding economic impact, impact on Israel and others in the region. I would also want to know about the economic status of the Iranian people. I abhor the idea of contributing to anyone starving or going through undo hardship!
  • Negotiating with different groups and cultures requires we understand the culture, how they view negotiations in general, and how they view us as a nation and a people.
  • I remember back in the mid to late 1980’s, I was in a college in Louisiana and I was in a Friday night outreach focused on reaching out to Students who were of Middle Eastern descent. One Friday night, the outreach was focused on educating us concerning how Iran, as a nation, and Iranians as a people, felt about America and I saw an Iranian video where masses of Iranians were chanting in Tehran, calling America the “Great Satan”.
  • To me, this is significant. Is this how the government and the people of Iran still feel about America? Has anything changed since the 1980’s? Is there anything we, as a nation, can do to change their viewpoint on this issue, or is it a no hope situation: we support Israel and we have a liberal free culture, therefore, we are the Great Satan? If that is the case, then at best, we work for peaceful coexistence in hope for a better day and a better viewpoint from an adversarial nation.
  • If it is cut and dry with no ground for the nation and the people of Iran to see us differently, that would determine what and how we negotiate with such a nation. If there is room for them to internally change their viewpoint about America, not just as a nation, but as their national media and culture changes, that would be a valuable thing to seek after.
  • How Iran feels about Israel is significant also. It is significant and different at the same time than our relationship with Iran. The two cannot be meshed as the same, for if they are seen as the same, the wheels will continue to be stuck in the mud and unable to move. If America is seen as independent of Israel by Iran, that could benefit both ours and Israel’s relationship with Iran because it would give us better potential leverage to foster peace between Iran and Israel in addition to peaceful coexistence ourselves.
  • Other significant factors are reports about Iran supplying weapons in Palestine and Syria to feed wars or war-like actions. In addition, Iran’s relationship with Russia is very significant as well. I won’t comment on these things because real intelligence is needed, but in my 5000 foot distant opinion, these things play a factor. I will be open any one of the three possible directions regarding Iran Nuclear Deal brokered by the Obama Administration: re-entering, re-negotiating, or continuing the Trump withdrawal. I don’t know the answer and I won’t make a blanket statement without real intelligence and a holistic view. That is how I look at the situation with Iran without having real intelligence and without consulting our allies.
  • As a side note, I believe it was completely foolish for then candidate Trump to tout his opinion on pulling out of the Iran deal. He did not even have government intelligence when he began making these blank statements and he locked himself into a campaign-type promise and it was a blunder of immense proportion in my opinion. He simply used it as a tool to attack Democrats and President Obama. Foreign policy should never be used as a tool for a campaign. It is repulsive and selfish in my world of thinking. I believe if people realize what a dangerous thing it is to tout specific foreign policy on a first year campaign trail, they would make sure this President is not re-elected.

Injecting real HOPE into America

Its all about HOPE: injecting hope into America! I’ve had this vision for quite some time. I call it the “thousand dollar vision”, the “million dollar vision”, and the “billion dollar vision”, and it goes like this.

When I was younger and single, as an Evangelical Christian who never really fit into “churchianity” or very well, there was a time when I lived in gang areas of Portland, Oregon, and delivered bread and “bible verses” to homeless, drug addicts. I received it free from several bakeries and grocery stores.

In addition to that, I would take 10% of my income and put it into a special account that I had determined could never be used for my personal benefit.

At some point, I had around $500 in the account and determined, “tonights the night”. I withdrew it, went down to Burnside in Portland where drugs and many homeless used to hang out, found a crowd, and said, “HEY, WHO WANTS A FREE MEAL, FOLLOW ME!”

Instantly, I had 10 to 15 people following me up the street. This was around 10 at night after dark. By the time I found a restaurant, I had 20 to 30 following me for about a block and a half.

I stopped at a fine dining restaurant who apparently was just getting ready to close. I went in and asked them if they would consider allowing me to bring a group into the restaurant for a meal. They were adamant and rather snippy that they were closing and no way they could.

I said, “then I guess you want me to take my friends and go somewhere else”. They looked out the window and saw the crowd (the restaurant was empty by that time), and I saw the shocked look on their faces. They said, “hold on”. The hostess apparently went and called the owner and the owner said, “let them in”.

They opened the restaurant up for us and I was able to feed them with, not just a soup meal, but with a classy, elegant dining experience.

While they ate, I went around to each one and got to know them. More than one, with tears in their eyes, said, “We’ve NEVER had anything like this done for us before”. I thought to myself, “this is really odd”. They have meals from missions daily, they have all kinds of people reaching out to them all the time, and that is their statement?  “They’ve never had anything like this done for them before?”

I thought, “how tragic?”

As the meal progressed, I treated the waitresses, hostesses, and cooks who worked late very special. I tipped them beyond normal. I also found that not ONE homeless person ordered some lavish, outlandish, expensive meal. They ALL ordered the most humble food. I had to talk a few into ordering more and to get enough for takeouts. They didn’t want to take advantage of me. It was amazing.

At the end, more than one waitress said that this experience was very special to them, and it impacted their lives. It was a very moving experience all the way around. In some way I could see that this experience put HOPE into the lives of everyone involved… REAL hope!

So as I pondered, I considered that this is what happened when ONE person injected only $500 into the downtown area of a city in one night. I had cars honk at me in support as we all walked down the street. It was amazing.

So the question came: the missions combined put far more than $500 per day into the lives affected, yet people continue to have NO hope. What’s the missing ingredient? It had to do with treating everyone with dignity and honor and doing something so unique they would never forget it!

In addition, the question came about: that was a small $500 in a downtown area of a city. What would happen if, on one night, I were to inject $10,000 into a city? What would I do? I thought about renting out parts of a nice hotel and giving a banquet of some sort.

Then, I said, what would I do with $1,000,000? I would create a scenario of banquets WITH a pathway for them to go that could start them on a real road to recovery different than what exists, one with dignity and honor.

Then I said, what would I do with $1,000,000,000 … a billion? At the time this vision was being strengthened, I made a prediction with the way things were going, that manufacturing plants in certain places would be for sale for pennies on the dollar. I thought, I would buy up manufacturing plants, form companies, get volunteers who had the vision to help people and place them in management, then bring those down and out through detox if necessary, then place them into a 100% profit sharing environment where they could start working immediately for a company they partially owned.

Its all about HOPE: injecting HOPE into society will begin the healing we so need in America!

I have yet to see my $10,000 vision come to pass. I long to see the day.

IF elected President, I will be doing many out of the box things to  inject incredible amounts of hope back into our society. I will be going into schools and talking directly to kids, working to give them hope. Why? Because people with hope don’t go around shooting people up! People with hope don’t cross the line into almost irreversible addictions. People with hope contribute to our society. They stop attacking one another and start working together.

This is my dream. This is my vision for America!

Happy New Year!!

John Gunter, Presidential Candidate

John Gunter for President: Campaign Promises in the Nutshell

The following are a list of my campaign promises and a brief explanation as to who I am:

  1. Polarization
    1. The reason we have a Trump problem in the first place is polarization and divisions. Trump as a pure sociopathic opportunist, capitalized on the divisions in America. Instead of healing and unification, he simply made the divisions worse.
    2. Promise: I will wage all out war against polarizers and polarization on matters of importance. What does that mean? I am running on a campaign I am “framing” near center in order to bring peace to this nation after victory in 2020. “Near center” is a completely different concept for me than what most believe it to be. Near center means that when I find people in Congress who are obstinately stubborn, regardless of Democrat or Republican, and will hold up our nation from progress, in the same way Trump uses Twitter to attack people, I will use any ethical means as President to, NEVER attack the person themselves as Trump, but to attack their polarization. I will work incessantly to bring America on board to rid DC of the gridlock and the polarization.
    3. People say, it cannot be done. I say, You’ve never dealt with ME before! I will do it or die trying. Our democracy is at stake, and we will have 4 years of progressive movement forward. Some might say, you will become draconian and authoritarian. I say, NO WAY! I will fight, fight, and fight to restore our democratic process and that will require all out war against GOP leaders and some Democrats who are stiff-necked and are willing to die on THEIR hill rather than get things done. I will use the Presidency to wage war against that sort of action. We WILL get things moving again. You can count on it. This is my number ONE Campaign promise!
  2. Economic
    1. We have MANY problems. Contrary to what everyone continues to cram and brainwash society that, “there is not enough money to pay for things”, I’m telling you flat out that is a lie and I will dis-spell that lie. There is PLENTY of money and wealth. Its just protected right now and I will work hard to convince society that we must provide a way to get at it.
    2. What do I mean? There are $200 Trillion Dollars flowing per year in transactions at the Top of Wall Street and Banks. We have to find ways to force Wall Street to deliver reasonable assistance to Main Street. This is a moral obligation and is non-optional. I will get the best of the best economists and we will find ways to break the “Wall” in Wall Street, not to ruin it at all, but to make right the wrongs that have been fostering greed for so many decades.
    3. I will NOT personally wage  war against billionaires. I’m not against a wealth tax, but in comparison to a transaction tax, its pennies. I am not interested in making statements just for the sake of it. I want RESULTS and we KNOW where the money is. As I wage war against polarization in our nation, especially the GOP stranglehold on progress, I will also find a way to bring money into Main Street to do things like cancel student debt,  subsidize medical situations where people are drowning financially, subsidize the medical field to give time to write a healthcare bill that works for ALL of America and matches our DNA better than a blanket Medicare for All concept. The tax on Wall Street Transactions will NOT be constant. It will be on a per needed basis and MUST in some way be a direct injection into Main Street. It cannot, nor will be used in ways that are questionably out of scope (the scope of injecting directly into Main Street).  Keep in mind when considering costs, that only 1% of the $200 Trillion flow is $2 Trillion.
      1. Examples of injecting directly into Main Street:
        1. Anyone with student debt who has a certain income/debt ratio will have their debt cancelled (< 1.5 Trillion one time forgiveness). All remaining loans will be refinanced without charge to lower interest and adequately lower monthly payment.
        2. Anyone drowning in medical debt and heading toward Bankruptcy will have their debt inspected and potentially reduced or wiped out completely.
        3. While rewriting and modifying the Healthcare bill, government will pay for some costs that are not covered by insurance. We will establish the criteria for a partially subsidized temporary healthplan for America.
        4. Fixing Flint’s water supply problem quickly
        5. In the spirit of places like Flint and elsewhere local
        6. Making sure Farming gets back or stays back on their feet after Trump’s tariff wars
        7. Disaster assistance in specific regions
        8. Restoring retirement broken promises by corporations and unions or affiliations. We will look into each one that we become aware of, and will mitigate a solution that is equitable for ALL parties involved, and we may provide subsidy under certain situations to restore retirement funds or absorb those retirements lost funds into Social Security. One way or other, we will find ways to restore hope to those who lost it over the last several years
    4. Morality
      1. I will work to restore dignity and honor to the White House and to America. Not only that, from the White House down, I will foster a trusted spirit of INTEGRITY. Trump is not the author of distrust in government even though he magnified and multiplied it to the place of jeopardizing our democracy. Before Trump, many on the right side of the aisle distrusted. Millions don’t believe a word coming from government. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have things like vaccination misinformation if government was a trusted source.
      2. Morality for one means to error on the side of tolerance when it comes to social norms. It means to treat all people living within our borders, citizens or not, with respect and dignity. Integrity and morality together means to know when my personal beliefs and opinions could interfere with the general voice of America and to appropriately recuse myself from any biased position that does not serve the best interest of our nation.
      3. Also, morality also means humility. Please see my chapter titled “I’m so sorry” for the list of all the apologies I will give FOR Trump’s atrocious actions on behalf of the United States of America. This will be one of my first actions as President.
      4. Morality also means taking societal issues, and if merited, hearing both sides and finding


Trump’s Kryptonite unveiled

Trump's Kryptonite
Trump’s Kryptonite is being revealed to the world


Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy solstice! And to any non-religious, happy, happy holidays!

And Happy it is! Why? Because for anyone wanting to see the beginning of the Trump house of cards come tumbling down and justice served as it ought, we were just given a holiday gift like none other.

What was it? Impeachment?

Well, that is justice for the atrocities Trump irrefutably committed against our Constitution. But it won’t have the power to remove him from office. So that isn’t it.

What was it?

Its what I’ve been referring to as Trump’s semi-ultimate kryptonite. (His ultimate kryptonite I will explain in a bit).

The “gift” is what I’ve been watching for since January, something I knew would eventually happen. What was it? The editor in chief of Christianity Today, a very popular evangelical magazine, publicly came out and stated that Trump is not fit to hold the office of President and should be removed from office and should not be reelected.

That, my friends, is and always has been, a very dangerous “kryptonite” for Trump. It was only a matter of time. No matter Christians supporting the wannabe dictator have muddied the very name of Christianity; at some point, the conscience can no longer take the lies, hypocrisy, coverups, mocking, vileness, disrespect, bullying, arrogance, and immorality. It spills over and the dam starts to burst.

And burst it will! People don’t realize yet how significant it is. But Trump knew it almost instantly. He most certainly knew it as he immediately, like Darth Vader with a laser, honed in on his little twitter account almost instantly to begin attacking Mark Galli, editor in chief of Christianity Today. Then, to top it off, he got all his preacher minions, over 200 of them, loyal to his kingship, as one voice, to condemn the article, as if that is going to seal the leak.

But I’m sorry. It won’t seal the leak. The crack is now a split, and it is going to get wider, much wider.

The only question: can Democrats pause their pure passion and move into a “strategic” mode just until the election so they can essentially get out of the way and let the GOP and Trump fall over the moral cliff they created for themselves?

Its there. The makings for annihilating Trump in 2020 are right there, open and on display for the whole world to see.

I mentioned evangelicals are Trumps semi-kryptonite for 2020. What finishes the job? Get an evangelical Christian with a progressive plan who loves the Constitution, despises Christian theocracy and understands clearly about Trump’s kryptonite – get them onto the Democratic national stage! They will break those cracks open so wide, the dam will burst with Trump and the GOP being rushed out to deep sea.

Think about it. Such a person could go into deep red and pull millions of votes. Such a person, if they commit to only one term as President and commit to a more progressive female running mate, could hit such a bullseye that no cheating and no election fraud could defeat them. Trump and the GOP would be crushed and could not recover. And the Senate? You bet! Get a moderate with those characteristics on the ballot and deep south (McConnell and Graham territory) become open season hunting grounds.

What a holiday gift that would bring to December of 2020! Are you ready to plant seeds now for next holiday season? Do you know anyone who matches the characteristics above? I do.

2020: Democrats will lose unless they change strategy

It is my opinion that as long as the Democrats talk about raising income taxes and argue about busing back in the 1970’s, they are going to get CRUSHED in the 2020 election. Trump and the GOP will pulverize them, and it should not be that way.

There is a pathway to certain victory, but they are completely ignoring the obvious right now. It will be sad and pathetic if they don’t defeat Trump in 2020. Worse yet, it could be the end of our democracy as we know it. Someone needs to wake the party up and tell them to smell the coffee. The handwriting is on the wall and they are just not getting it!

Written by a frustrated independently minded outlier who believes there is a certain pathway to victory, but it is being vastly ignored.

For more information on that path:


2020: Michelle Obama would wipe the floor with Trump

First off, I recognize Michelle Obama is not running for President, but I wish she would. This is not meant as any kind of disrespect toward any of the other candidates who are running and putting their hearts into their campaigns, because I include myself in the following.

I believe Michelle Obama would literally wipe the floor with Donald J. Trump and he would have ZERO chance against her. It would not even be a close call. The Obamas would completely annihilate the “so-called” Trump re-election machine hands down. They know how and where to campaign. They know how to strategize, they are seasoned and better at it than Trump, and she would simply win, period.

I’ll tell you one other thing. Trump is scared to death of Michelle Obama running in 2020! I’m not going to reveal how I know this. It isn’t some private secret I know, but there are public signs he would be scared to death! And if he ever hears this, it would likely alarm him that this information can be seen so readily by others.

Oh, uhm, also, in case anyone wasn’t aware, Trump is not the only one who can fill coliseums to overflow! Her blazing popularity dwarfs Trump, literally, and it definitely isn’t just women. Her broad overwhelming audience and popularity is apparent to all! She would all but trample on Trump in the general election!

If Michelle Obama decided to run for President, I would withdraw my potential future pursuit and support her entirely because I have that much confidence and respect in her ability to win and to restore balance to our nation. She is definitely much further left than I am, and I do believe at this moment just left of center is the real “sweet” spot that would gain the most votes and would be the best place for our nation, but I would still be satisfied to stay out completely because I believe she is moderate enough to bring centralized votes in her direction, and she would lead our country well. I believe she would see the need for unification and respond accordingly in her campaign and governance of our Great Nation. She was poised with dignity and honor as our First Lady, and I have no doubt whatsoever she would be more so as President!

Debates almost here: Too late for new Candidates … NOT

Many would say that it is too late for a new candidate to declare and have any chance of winning.

I say: No Way!

Maybe in the age before the Internet, social media and viralicity (my new word). Perhaps that was so.

Tis true, there is a window of time where, if the time passes, it is likely too late. However, I don’t even think we are close yet… not even close.

In ONE Day, it is possible for a spark to happen that ignites a fire the brings a new candidate onto the spectrum. And it can happen outside the realm of the debates. Perhaps the candidate would likely need to make at least one round of Democratic debates, but not all rounds. Most people, except the truly passionate, aren’t even tuned in yet to the political spectrum.

There is time… a LOT of time, time enough for the Democratic Party to adjust themselves to where they really need to be in order to decisively win in 2020… and there is still plenty of time for one or more new candidates to emerge, and rise to the occasion, even becoming the democratic nominee.

The Monster Emerging from the Swampland

If anyone has been watching closely, it is readily visible how stifled Trump was by the Mueller investigation. We didn’t realize literally just how crippled he was and how much it was holding him back from his true self emerging. But now that the Mueller report came out and is behind him, Trump has been emboldened like never before and is beginning to show his true colors of what it means to be a future tyrannical wannabe dictator attempting to demolish a well-organized democracy.

In recent days, he seems to be committing an almost constant daily assault against all branches of the federal government. He did this before, but it wasn’t as frequent and shocking as it is now. Every single day that goes by,  our democracy is under assault and becoming more vulnerable as Trump rips and shreds the Rule of Law that established our nation and ultimately gave peace to all of our lives. And his audacity is to do it openly and notoriously, right in plain view without the slightest sense of shame. Trump openly declares what used to make Presidents blush in humiliation. His open profaneness continues to break the “shock factor” calibrators of a wannabe’s complete abuse of power, and there seem to be no limit in sight.

Why does Trump now feel so emboldened? He is attacking because  he believes he now has the upper hand going into the next election. Pride has gone to his head. The Democrats are swinging so far left he feels he is on Easy Street. He thinks he has the Evangelical Christian vote locked in his pocket with his support of Israel, his anti-abortion stance, anti-Transgender stance, and Mike Pence as VP. In his mind they will never break loyalty with him, so he can do his pleasure  and be increasingly more bold and profane against humanity and decency because remember, he could go out on fifth avenue and shoot someone and still not lose a vote, right?

But now, he is Trump 2.0 who obfuscated and stalled justice. He escaped and successfully climbed over the law. In Trump’s mind, he is the law now. We don’t see it that way. Neither did Germany. But he does. And so did Hitler before he became supreme chancellor! Just look at history, the most cruel of despots, and Trump is now beginning to line up with their patterns in their rise to power. He lines up to a tee.

Trump has completely mastered the art of politically separating anyone he wants as he divides Jews against Muslims, Blacks against Whites, Rich against Poor, Democrats against Republicans, Democrats against other Democrats. Anywhere he sees a soft spot he believes he can divide, and therefore conquer. Here is the thing, and this is what many of his followers are not seeing. They see a public mistake by someone in a group Trump divides, and they believe the issue is the mistake. But a “normal” non-deranged individual is willing to forgive and help mend, heal, and unify. Not Trump! He attacks mistakes publicly and relentlessly, every time for anyone he deems his enemy.

So one thinks, “well, Congress has been dividing and splitting and polarizing for decades now, and other Administrations have bulldozed their plans forward, so Trump is simply playing their game and doing it better”. This is very true and it is also very different as well. The main difference it the motive for the divisions. It has been clear to many all along, but it is becoming noticeably more clear that Trump’s motives for why he is dividing is to splinter our nation in such a way that he can take over the entire United States government as its sole leader and ruler. No one else ever appears to have had the means or the motive. That is what makes this different now!

One clear sign of this is his absolute default issue he constantly gravitates toward: the border. Yes, we need security there, and it is important, but this is the ONE soft spot where Trump can pound against our democracy like no other place…. Because they aren’t US citizens and he can push the boundaries of inhumanity and get away with it! He tried with Muslim countries and ran into roadblocks early in his Administration. But on the physical border, Trump can desensitize us to where his perverse mind wants America to go, while he purposely and methodically treats immigrants like animals, putting children in cages etc. The renegade tyrant wannabe found the precise spot to attack that will have the hurricane type force to break our democracy and crumble it into pieces if he is not stopped!

Brilliant, filthy, and disgusting all at once!! And he did it all by instinct which feeds his own view of himself. Trump, during his political schooling the last two years, has meandered around the system, getting to know it, poking at it here and there looking for softness, and WHAM! He found the spot! He knew and sensed it was there before he was elected, but now that he really found the pain point, he is dug in deep, using the border issue as his primary wrecking ball against our democracy.

Trump appears to be so emboldened he believes he is now invincible. Trump sees himself as such a well-oiled machine that he believes he controls the flow of news altogether, and especially about himself. In many ways he is right. Much of the news media against him runs around where he leads like they have a hook up their nostrils. He jerks them almost at will now and can change the news stories of the day in a heartbeat… because we let him! In his mind, there is no narrative he cannot twist and turn to his favor now. He is above the law. He is the law, and he controls the flow of information. In his mind, he is on Easy Street.

Trump also sees himself as the ultimate winner. I propose that in his mind, he is incapable of losing now. He has an almost cult-like base of supporters, and he is fully energized for attacks that tear at the very roots of our democracy in full, unrelenting force. As people like Steve Bannon, who knows Trump well, have indicated, if Trump is re-elected, we haven’t seen anything yet (I read this on or around April 12, 2019). I believe that statement by Bannon to be one hundred percent true.

Even now, Trump is almost completely unhinged and over the top in his daily violations of basic laws. Trump now has his people almost entirely in place.

The AG is running cover for him on all fronts. He is no longer the impartial Attorney General of the United States, but is now Trump’s personal legal protector in all matters of law.

Trump is using his Treasury Secretary to keep his taxes shrouded in secrecy, even though the jurisdiction for such should NOT be residing with a politically appointed director. How lawless is that? Yet, the renegade proceeds forward knowing that any legal battle he can push out for years. In his perverse mind, he now operates with almost impunity.

Trump wasn’t satisfied that the Federal Reserve had arm’s length from politics and the branches of government. He wasn’t satisfied he could not control the entire economy. So, what is Trump doing? Looking for a Fed he can directly manipulate and control. Trump wants control of the central banking interest rates (Mid-April, 2019).

Seriously, does anyone believe he is doing this ONLY for the good of our nation? Of course, Trump would use it to enrich himself as well! I’m not overreaching here, and everyone reading this knows it. This is a complete no brainer. This is Trump we are talking about! He would not do it secretly, he would do it openly and shamelessly for everyone to see because his perverted mind actually believes it is okay! Fortunately, Congress is pushing back, for the moment, but the fact Trump wants it should be sounding alarms off everywhere.

But is it? Not really. Just another day in the news. Key sera sera. Trump has literally numbed America to sleep with his repulsive bombardment of legal and social norm violations.

Trump just finished gutting the Department of Homeland Security and declared himself the self-appointed czar of DHS. He is obliterating the heads of his departments left and right now just like a true wannabe would do.

This is a continuing strategy of the wannabe now. He avoids Senate confirmation hearings for any place in his cabinet he wants absolute control. He places a minion in the spot of acting secretary of “whatever”, and never appoints the permanent one. He has found the spot where he can act as essential czar outside of Congressional accountability. He has the instinct of a true wannabe on almost all fronts. He couldn’t do it with Attorney General, but that’s no problem because he found a minion to do his complete bidding, so essentially, Trump is now the Justice Department for all intense and purposes.

Trump is so audacious that at the border he is now ordering federal employees to be harsh and break laws, promising them pardons if they are arrested (April 12, 2019), almost exactly like the dictator of a banana republic would do. This is eerily similar to Trump promising to pay the legal bills of someone who would exact violence at one of his campaign rallies when he was wannabe President. Same exact Trump, but now, more dangerous, and the stakes are so much higher! He is wannabe DICTATOR now, and almost within striking distance of the prize, if we sit back and do nothing, or the Democratic Party makes strategic mistakes between now and the 2020 election.

In addition, the wannabe is using his Twitter account to personally cross the line and attack a wonderful Muslim member of Congress and cause others to incite death threats against her. It is very clear that Representative Omar loves our nation and happened to be on the receiving end of clear discriminatory behavior after 911. She is calling for balance! She is finding her way on how to exercise her passion without offending, something anyone in the public arena must do, and the wannabe, who has no desire for balance and harmony, simply attacks her. Now, she is receiving death threats. Trump has truly become this nation’s nightmare! But many of his followers are supporting these despicable behaviors. They are asleep because they don’t see all the ways he is acting like a future tyrant or they minimize by erroneously trying to blame Democrats for similar behaviors. Its all part of the Trump lie.

Trump is threatening also to use immigrants as pawns in a political vengeance attack against his political foes by dumping them as though they aren’t even human into the midst of sanctuary cities represented by Democratic districts. Just yesterday (April 27, 2019), at a rally in Wisconsin, Trump told the crowd he already started doing it. And he took complete responsibility for that decision. He owned it shamelessly! This is sick!

In addition, the emerging monster has attempted to personally reorder the separation of families at the borders once again. Now granted, a lot of this is big shot rhetoric, something Trump is so proficient at, but it is important to understand that wherever he does not get clear pushback, what was “rhetoric” soon turns into real action.

Daily, now, Trump is in open defiance to the Constitution as he directs his people to defy Congressional Subpoenas left and right. No matter what one personally feels about Democrats and their attempt at investigating Trump, the idea that a President can stand in open defiance and direct his people to ignore the Subpoenas from Congress is disgusting, repulsive, and absolutely anti-American! It is the VERY REASON our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution the way they did. And we have what appears to be an “invader” in the White House who is right now telling Congress to basically, “go to hell”! Utter defiance! Even Nixon wouldn’t have tread the waters this wannabe is trampling over every single day he is in office! Do we NOT understand as Americans that Trump, by a form of proxy in his defiance of Congress, is also telling our Founding Fathers to “go to hell”? It’s the same exact thing.

No! This is a wannabe dictator continually attempting to take that which doesn’t belong to him! He is a thief, a fraud, and a usurper who is attempting to steal the government out from underneath its citizens. That is who Trump is.

My fellow Americans, if our alarm bells aren’t ringing loudly yet, we should seriously wake up and open our eyes. The hour is late, my friends! Many have seen it coming for a long time, and those who are closely watching now recognize his gradual transition from a simple wannabe into the almost final stages of the brutal monster he acknowledged he was all the way back in the 1990’s as he touted how much pleasure he got when he saw his personal enemies feel the pain when he squeezed them financially (completely summarized and paraphrased from one of Trump’s books).

Seriously, who really has that attitude?

I’ll tell you who! Trump’s affinity with brutal, heartless dictators and mass murderers is now beginning to be understood fully as he emerges from his political “schooling” the last two years. He has finally graduated, something some of us have been concerned about for a long time. The beast has completed his schooling in politics and he has finally transformed into the real monster many of us saw coming! Well, it is here. The hour is late for our democracy my friends!  It is becoming increasingly clear that it is now much, much later than many of us originally thought.

Who has that attitude? I’ll tell you who… Donald J. Trump, the wannabe dictator of America. That’s who!