20/20 Vision


There is a unique, possibly once in a lifetime, opportunity for the Democratic Party right now, one that has not been available in recent times.

There are many people who voted for Trump in 2016 who regret their actions or they wish they had a different option available in 2020 and they wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to jump over the line into Democratic territory if they could just back someone who wasn’t too far left.

The Democratic Party, right now, has the opportunity available to deliver an amazing olive branch to millions of moderate Republicans and Independents in a way that allows them to save face and vote for a Democrat “framed” toward center views as opposed to having no other option but to support Trump as their candidate in 2020 once again. But that will require very serious sacrifice from many of those in the range from middle-left to far-left Democrats not wanting to move toward the center. They must sacrifice for a season. And it will also require some patience, and realistic pragmatism as well. But the final payoff is for the GOP to be almost non-existent when this direction has taken its full course. Let me explain.

One principal of life that is easy to miss, but I believe is vital here: sometimes going backward is actually going forward. There are times when the cogs of the wheels start grinding against each other because timing gets messed up, and the only thing needed is to just stop, reverse a couple of cogs, add some oil, line them up again, and Boom! Ready to roll out better and faster than before.

And Isn’t that the case right now with the severe polarization in our society? To fix the problem, the Democratic Party can be the first to give a little in ideological purity and take one step back. In so doing, they can move aggressively toward rebranding the entire party as the Party of Sacrifice. Doing so, will exemplify the fact that the GOP leadership has chosen to become the Party of Selfishness under Trump.

Its all about “framing”. There are candidates positioning themselves as the Revolution candidate who is going to upturn the economic disparity, formulate a democratic socialistic government, institute climate change initiatives immediately.   All this is rhetoric and will lose momentum once the NOT-DEAD GOP continues their opposition.

But there is a better and more certain way to move left and I’ll explain below.

Just because the middle-left to far-left range of Democrats sacrifice some of their ideologies for the sake of the 2020 election, it doesn’t mean our nation will not move eventually to where they want it. In fact, by the sacrifice itself, it will most certainly move our entire nation toward the left while eradicating much of the destructive polarization and, at the same time, picking up millions of Democratic votes, quite possibly in a permanent way. So, instead of a quick, revolutionary move like many want toward socialism, the slower, smoother direction offers a much healthier and a more gradual, safe move for the entire nation.

Not everything has to be a war. Not everything has to be polarizing forces fighting to the death. “Game of Thrones” is great entertainment, but that is what it is! Entertainment! Even in the whispers surrounding the final season release of Game of Thrones, there are rumors the various groups will have to sacrifice all in order to work together to defeat the ultimate non-human rival. Is it possible we’ve reached such a place in our nation? Will the Democratic Party step up to the plate and answer the call of humanity against the inhumane monster in the making right now?

This is the dramatic world of Trumpland, a world Trump has created to foster his own evil ideologies, and if the Democratic Party answers the Trump polarization with a far-left equally polarizing battle, no matter what the candidates “say” about peace and unification, their arguments are weak and they are still playing on Trump’s home turf and he has the absolute home court advantage over the game, because he is simply better at it than they are. That is the truth … and the risk, at this time, could be our entire democracy! Do we really want a Putin-like America where Trump is the autocrat who is above the law because he was able to destroy every semblance of real democracy? I don’t! Speaker Pelosi, on 60 minutes (April 14, 2019), astutely stated that our democracy can survive Trump, but she wisely made the after-statement “I don’t think for two terms, though”. She literally echoed every concern I personally have about the state of our nation right now.

But there is a very clear pathway to victory. Isn’t it time for America to rest for a season from utter disarray? We need a rest from chaos, and many on the far-left and middle-left can enter into that rest as well for a season so our nation can heal and regroup once again. True healing can begin before the next election. It can begin for many of you the moment you read this and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing there is an option that will naturally occur instead of a war on Trump’s turf of polarization. We can relax and safely win. Trump cannot defeat this. It is impossible! He will try… and he will lose. It is that simple.

The far-left and middle-left will get their Democratic win. If the party and those with the most zeal to move left toward socialism can be convinced to take it back one step and pause for 2020, Trump will almost certainly face defeat. Then, we can regroup and see where we are at as a nation, and if far left is the eventual place, then so be it. Let’s just relax and chill for a time and enjoy the journey, America. If it isn’t far left where we belong, we’ll find out soon enough, and we can enjoy the journey to that spot as well.

I know there are a lot of Americans suffering right now, and many on the far-left would argue I’m glossing over them by my flippant statements. I’m not. I’m speaking in a general sense. We have a LOT to do to equalize the divisive rifts permeating our society. We’ll get there. We’ll roll up our sleeves on Day ONE! But we can’t begin if we never get to see that day. Relaxing our spirits in America is the first step. Winning the election is the second step. And the final step….  rolling up our sleeves.. We have a lot of work to do, and wisdom says, let’s do it, but ONE step at a time!

Isn’t this a far better and less stressful option for the Democratic Party than rolling the dice and hoping for a win in the battleground states? How miserable has that been, starting in 2000 with Al Gore’s defeat? President Obama was the only one who couldn’t be beat. He was way ahead in both elections! That won’t happen in 2020 with a far-left socialistic swing, but it most assuredly will occur with a strong voice just left of center!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

And here is a novel thought for many on the far-left who crave a revolutionary-type change, a thought to end this first chapter: what kind of revolution would it be if the Democrats turned almost every single state BLUE for the Presidential run in 2020 and carried Democrats in both the House and Senate? Wouldn’t THAT be a revolution in and of itself? Sometimes going backwards IS actually going forward! Sometimes we are looking for the answer at the front door and it shows up at the backdoor. Couldn’t this be the case here? I believe such a revolution can happen if the advice in this book or other similar viewpoints presented by others is followed. Call me a visionary, but I fully believe it! We have the opportunity of a lifetime before us, Team America! And that is my goal: To help America and the Democratic Party regain 20/20 vision for the upcoming 2020 election!

Consider supporting me as the Democratic candidate for President of the United States. You just read my passion. I have the strategy. I have the vision to take America where she needs to go … the RIGHT way. Help me do it by joining me in spreading this message.

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