A Message to Racists

Please understand that in the following paragraphs, I get very graphic and strong. I am NOT saying that everyone who supports Trump is racist. Please don’t mistake what I say! I understand there are many, many who support Trump who are NOT racist at all. Many of you are fantastic people and simply agree with his policies, but despise his attitude. I get that. The following strong words are meant only for a very specific select group who are racists and try to propagate their cancerous ideologies to others.

While Trump is only a symptom of the deeper problem of racism, prejudice, and bigotry, him being in the White House has caused some who are racists, what I consider slime and sludge of society, the bottom feeders, to slither their way toward the top where it is visible to others now. This is pathetic! As of today, for example (February, 2019), it became evident an article appeared in an Alabama local newspaper recently entitled “It is time for the KKK to ride again”. Other open racists are spewing out their filth on college campuses and around the nation in increasing numbers. What do we hear from the White House? Crickets. That is simply repulsive!

If you are a racist, I have one preliminary question for you before I start shooting at your destructive ideology: did someone from a particular race hurt you or your loved one(s) and therefore you generalized and harbor this resentment toward an entire class of people? Was it racially motivated violence? If something like that has happened to you, I am very sorry to hear that, and I mean that sincerely! This is a political book that needs to move quickly from point to point, it isn’t a counseling book, but please understand, if I had time, which I probably never will, as wrong as I believe you are, your hurt and pain needs to be heard in the process of your healing. But I must continue…

Now I ask you: who are you to desecrate the memory of your loved one by taking up a cause against, not the perpetrator, but the perpetrator’s race? Who are you to cast judgment over millions of people and do disservice to your loved one? You have no right. If your loved one was innocently hurt, you are neglecting your loved one’s memory by multiplying the perpetrator’s memory of evil and are hurting other innocent people who you don’t even know! What gives you that right to spread the perpetrator’s cancerous disease of hate to other innocent victims? What gives you the right to cast judgment on them? For you, I urge you to overcome this evil and learn to love and tolerate all of us belonging to the human race! We are ONE race of many diverse cultures and beliefs.

For the rest of you who simple believe your race is superior, those of you with this kind of vile hatred in your heart, apparently, you never got the memo: racism and prejudice isn’t the way of the future, neither here nor any other free society in the world! Your bigoted, disgusting rhetoric is not, nor ever will be, the norm of this society, and it is time for you to change or go back to being a bottom feeder of society and stay there. You’ve been out of your hole long enough! Race and color have long been legally protected classes of people, and that will never change. So, deal with it and stop your racism, bigotry, and prejudice. You who harbor anger and hatred toward others’ races are hurting your country and becoming a force of destruction against this Great Nation!

In case you missed THIS memo, have you never been taught that this land was first inhabited by Native Americans until white Europeans encroached upon them and took it out from under them? Or does your arrogance somehow think your feelings of superiority over others gives you the right to encroach at will? Your racist delusions and arrogance are bewildering! Many of you are against entitlements, yet you harbor greater entitlement than all the others. Hypocrites!

Those of you who are racists and happen to support Trump and his slogan, “Make America Great Again”: Yeah, right, hypocrites! You represent one of the greatest and most long-standing lethal forces tearing this nation apart in our history. Rethink your values. Stop your weak racist and prejudicial garbage and get on the real American Train of tolerance, respect, honor, and dignity for all our American Family. We are ONE family! We who are not racist or prejudice don’t particularly like you! But we still tolerate you and give you the right to free speech to vomit out your hatred and division, but we WILL stop you from infecting our children with your filth! So, take your foolish beliefs back to the hole where you belong until you learn to love your fellow human beings, who are created equal to yourselves and in the very image of God, you weak, pathetic morons!

Again, I KNOW these are strong words and are meant for a very select group of people who ARE racist. Most of you reading this are not. The vast majority of you do not fit into this category even if you wholeheartedly support Trump! Please, please understand the distinction and don’t take my strong words as condemning everyone who supports Trump. That is NOT my intent at all.

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