Debates almost here: Too late for new Candidates … NOT

Many would say that it is too late for a new candidate to declare and have any chance of winning.

I say: No Way!

Maybe in the age before the Internet, social media and viralicity (my new word). Perhaps that was so.

Tis true, there is a window of time where, if the time passes, it is likely too late. However, I don’t even think we are close yet… not even close.

In ONE Day, it is possible for a spark to happen that ignites a fire the brings a new candidate onto the spectrum. And it can happen outside the realm of the debates. Perhaps the candidate would likely need to make at least one round of Democratic debates, but not all rounds. Most people, except the truly passionate, aren’t even tuned in yet to the political spectrum.

There is time… a LOT of time, time enough for the Democratic Party to adjust themselves to where they really need to be in order to decisively win in 2020… and there is still plenty of time for one or more new candidates to emerge, and rise to the occasion, even becoming the democratic nominee.

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