Injecting real HOPE into America

Its all about HOPE: injecting hope into America! I’ve had this vision for quite some time. I call it the “thousand dollar vision”, the “million dollar vision”, and the “billion dollar vision”, and it goes like this.

When I was younger and single, as an Evangelical Christian who never really fit into “churchianity” or very well, there was a time when I lived in gang areas of Portland, Oregon, and delivered bread and “bible verses” to homeless, drug addicts. I received it free from several bakeries and grocery stores.

In addition to that, I would take 10% of my income and put it into a special account that I had determined could never be used for my personal benefit.

At some point, I had around $500 in the account and determined, “tonights the night”. I withdrew it, went down to Burnside in Portland where drugs and many homeless used to hang out, found a crowd, and said, “HEY, WHO WANTS A FREE MEAL, FOLLOW ME!”

Instantly, I had 10 to 15 people following me up the street. This was around 10 at night after dark. By the time I found a restaurant, I had 20 to 30 following me for about a block and a half.

I stopped at a fine dining restaurant who apparently was just getting ready to close. I went in and asked them if they would consider allowing me to bring a group into the restaurant for a meal. They were adamant and rather snippy that they were closing and no way they could.

I said, “then I guess you want me to take my friends and go somewhere else”. They looked out the window and saw the crowd (the restaurant was empty by that time), and I saw the shocked look on their faces. They said, “hold on”. The hostess apparently went and called the owner and the owner said, “let them in”.

They opened the restaurant up for us and I was able to feed them with, not just a soup meal, but with a classy, elegant dining experience.

While they ate, I went around to each one and got to know them. More than one, with tears in their eyes, said, “We’ve NEVER had anything like this done for us before”. I thought to myself, “this is really odd”. They have meals from missions daily, they have all kinds of people reaching out to them all the time, and that is their statement?  “They’ve never had anything like this done for them before?”

I thought, “how tragic?”

As the meal progressed, I treated the waitresses, hostesses, and cooks who worked late very special. I tipped them beyond normal. I also found that not ONE homeless person ordered some lavish, outlandish, expensive meal. They ALL ordered the most humble food. I had to talk a few into ordering more and to get enough for takeouts. They didn’t want to take advantage of me. It was amazing.

At the end, more than one waitress said that this experience was very special to them, and it impacted their lives. It was a very moving experience all the way around. In some way I could see that this experience put HOPE into the lives of everyone involved… REAL hope!

So as I pondered, I considered that this is what happened when ONE person injected only $500 into the downtown area of a city in one night. I had cars honk at me in support as we all walked down the street. It was amazing.

So the question came: the missions combined put far more than $500 per day into the lives affected, yet people continue to have NO hope. What’s the missing ingredient? It had to do with treating everyone with dignity and honor and doing something so unique they would never forget it!

In addition, the question came about: that was a small $500 in a downtown area of a city. What would happen if, on one night, I were to inject $10,000 into a city? What would I do? I thought about renting out parts of a nice hotel and giving a banquet of some sort.

Then, I said, what would I do with $1,000,000? I would create a scenario of banquets WITH a pathway for them to go that could start them on a real road to recovery different than what exists, one with dignity and honor.

Then I said, what would I do with $1,000,000,000 … a billion? At the time this vision was being strengthened, I made a prediction with the way things were going, that manufacturing plants in certain places would be for sale for pennies on the dollar. I thought, I would buy up manufacturing plants, form companies, get volunteers who had the vision to help people and place them in management, then bring those down and out through detox if necessary, then place them into a 100% profit sharing environment where they could start working immediately for a company they partially owned.

Its all about HOPE: injecting HOPE into society will begin the healing we so need in America!

I have yet to see my $10,000 vision come to pass. I long to see the day.

IF elected President, I will be doing many out of the box things to  inject incredible amounts of hope back into our society. I will be going into schools and talking directly to kids, working to give them hope. Why? Because people with hope don’t go around shooting people up! People with hope don’t cross the line into almost irreversible addictions. People with hope contribute to our society. They stop attacking one another and start working together.

This is my dream. This is my vision for America!

Happy New Year!!

John Gunter, Presidential Candidate

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