John Gunter for President: Campaign Promises in the Nutshell

The following are a list of my campaign promises and a brief explanation as to who I am:

  1. Polarization
    1. The reason we have a Trump problem in the first place is polarization and divisions. Trump as a pure sociopathic opportunist, capitalized on the divisions in America. Instead of healing and unification, he simply made the divisions worse.
    2. Promise: I will wage all out war against polarizers and polarization on matters of importance. What does that mean? I am running on a campaign I am “framing” near center in order to bring peace to this nation after victory in 2020. “Near center” is a completely different concept for me than what most believe it to be. Near center means that when I find people in Congress who are obstinately stubborn, regardless of Democrat or Republican, and will hold up our nation from progress, in the same way Trump uses Twitter to attack people, I will use any ethical means as President to, NEVER attack the person themselves as Trump, but to attack their polarization. I will work incessantly to bring America on board to rid DC of the gridlock and the polarization.
    3. People say, it cannot be done. I say, You’ve never dealt with ME before! I will do it or die trying. Our democracy is at stake, and we will have 4 years of progressive movement forward. Some might say, you will become draconian and authoritarian. I say, NO WAY! I will fight, fight, and fight to restore our democratic process and that will require all out war against GOP leaders and some Democrats who are stiff-necked and are willing to die on THEIR hill rather than get things done. I will use the Presidency to wage war against that sort of action. We WILL get things moving again. You can count on it. This is my number ONE Campaign promise!
  2. Economic
    1. We have MANY problems. Contrary to what everyone continues to cram and brainwash society that, “there is not enough money to pay for things”, I’m telling you flat out that is a lie and I will dis-spell that lie. There is PLENTY of money and wealth. Its just protected right now and I will work hard to convince society that we must provide a way to get at it.
    2. What do I mean? There are $200 Trillion Dollars flowing per year in transactions at the Top of Wall Street and Banks. We have to find ways to force Wall Street to deliver reasonable assistance to Main Street. This is a moral obligation and is non-optional. I will get the best of the best economists and we will find ways to break the “Wall” in Wall Street, not to ruin it at all, but to make right the wrongs that have been fostering greed for so many decades.
    3. I will NOT personally wage  war against billionaires. I’m not against a wealth tax, but in comparison to a transaction tax, its pennies. I am not interested in making statements just for the sake of it. I want RESULTS and we KNOW where the money is. As I wage war against polarization in our nation, especially the GOP stranglehold on progress, I will also find a way to bring money into Main Street to do things like cancel student debt,  subsidize medical situations where people are drowning financially, subsidize the medical field to give time to write a healthcare bill that works for ALL of America and matches our DNA better than a blanket Medicare for All concept. The tax on Wall Street Transactions will NOT be constant. It will be on a per needed basis and MUST in some way be a direct injection into Main Street. It cannot, nor will be used in ways that are questionably out of scope (the scope of injecting directly into Main Street).  Keep in mind when considering costs, that only 1% of the $200 Trillion flow is $2 Trillion.
      1. Examples of injecting directly into Main Street:
        1. Anyone with student debt who has a certain income/debt ratio will have their debt cancelled (< 1.5 Trillion one time forgiveness). All remaining loans will be refinanced without charge to lower interest and adequately lower monthly payment.
        2. Anyone drowning in medical debt and heading toward Bankruptcy will have their debt inspected and potentially reduced or wiped out completely.
        3. While rewriting and modifying the Healthcare bill, government will pay for some costs that are not covered by insurance. We will establish the criteria for a partially subsidized temporary healthplan for America.
        4. Fixing Flint’s water supply problem quickly
        5. In the spirit of places like Flint and elsewhere local
        6. Making sure Farming gets back or stays back on their feet after Trump’s tariff wars
        7. Disaster assistance in specific regions
        8. Restoring retirement broken promises by corporations and unions or affiliations. We will look into each one that we become aware of, and will mitigate a solution that is equitable for ALL parties involved, and we may provide subsidy under certain situations to restore retirement funds or absorb those retirements lost funds into Social Security. One way or other, we will find ways to restore hope to those who lost it over the last several years
    4. Morality
      1. I will work to restore dignity and honor to the White House and to America. Not only that, from the White House down, I will foster a trusted spirit of INTEGRITY. Trump is not the author of distrust in government even though he magnified and multiplied it to the place of jeopardizing our democracy. Before Trump, many on the right side of the aisle distrusted. Millions don’t believe a word coming from government. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have things like vaccination misinformation if government was a trusted source.
      2. Morality for one means to error on the side of tolerance when it comes to social norms. It means to treat all people living within our borders, citizens or not, with respect and dignity. Integrity and morality together means to know when my personal beliefs and opinions could interfere with the general voice of America and to appropriately recuse myself from any biased position that does not serve the best interest of our nation.
      3. Also, morality also means humility. Please see my chapter titled “I’m so sorry” for the list of all the apologies I will give FOR Trump’s atrocious actions on behalf of the United States of America. This will be one of my first actions as President.
      4. Morality also means taking societal issues, and if merited, hearing both sides and finding


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