Real American Patriotism

I live in a rural part of the Pacific Northwest, and honestly, when I see a pickup truck with an American flag or two waving in the back of it, I think it is really cool! I’m sorry to anyone who might believe that act is disrespectful to the American flag. I respect patriotism shown in the best way someone knows how, and if that makes them feel good to be an American, good for them! If I’m not mistaken, I believe this show of patriotism took real root just after 911.

What I despise about this, however, is now those types of patriotic displays appear to be hijacked by Trump, the Republican leadership, and somehow the NRA? Seriously, what does the NRA have to do with patriotism? Second Amendment rights? There are actually twenty six other Amendments that are just as important. If that represents patriotism, it is a very unbalanced approach to the American way.

But regardless, that hijacking will not stand for long if I gain enough traction to declare candidacy and a campaign begins. I intend to move that type of patriotism just left of center and bring it back to representing America once again, instead of Trump and some of his pathetic ideologies. It will be known in rural and urban America that displaying the American flag proudly is showing respect to America, not gun rights, not Trump, and certainly not the Republican leadership who seems to be full of lies and presently working against the best interest of our nation at this time as they coddle the wannabe.

Trump and his party will NOT keep possession of this for long if a miracle ensues and I make it onto the ballot. I know he hugs the American flag for a BIG show at some of his rallies where he shoots down other Americans, mocks and ridicules war heroes, and attempts to ignite his base with racism, bigotry, and discrimination, but I don’t see that as real American patriotism. I see that as anti-American. The proof of patriotism is in the actions. What do his actions say? Is bulldozing democracy, placing it on the edge of extinction and coddling autocrats and dictators around the world a sign of American Patriotism? Is self-serving nepotism American Patriotism? I think not.

At this moment in our history, the Democratic Party has show far more patriotism by working to uncover the truth about the Russian involvement in our elections than the Republican leadership who has worked endlessly to cover it up. As long as they stay balanced in that pursuit and don’t overreach common sense, they are fulfilling true American Patriotism as I see it. And if I become a significant part of the Democratic Party, I intend to be a strong force toward making sure the Party stays balanced and has a valid right to be called the Patriotic Party of America. We will gain this ground. Mark it!

And Trump and the NRA? Seriously?? Both seem to have had deeper associations with the Russians tied to the Kremlin than we, as Americans, really want to acknowledge. Following Trump is NOT a sign of American patriotism. At this time in history, after what has been revealed in the Mueller report, and everything Trump has openly and shamelessly done publicly, it is the exact opposite of patriotism! So long as the Democratic Party draws a clear line toward the center and moves back where they belong just left of it, and stays away from socialism, American Patriotism can become an embedded part of the Democratic appeal once again. Patriotism belongs to the Party who best speaks for ALL of America, period. Republicans had a chance and blew it by their choice of a polarizer and destroyer. I intend to help the Democratic Party be recognized as that true voice who speaks for the greater majority of Americans (if they will allow me).

So, who are the real Patriots now? I’ll tell you who in my opinion. This list is by no means exhaustive, and is not in priority, so please don’t be offended if I missed you.

  • It is those in the military who are sacrificing to defend the freedoms and the democracy we have in this nation.
  • It is those in leadership who make certain we don’t send troops giving their lives into needless wars, but only necessary battles.
  • It is the everyday workers in America who continue to struggle through the horrifically tough economic system we have and consistently provide for their families day-in and day-out. (I know the economy is “booming”, but there are still many legitimate people falling through the cracks).
  • It is those who stand against racism and any and all its forms and welcomes cultural diversity into our nation with open arms.
  • It is those who fight to protect the good parts of our heritage and culture in our native American, African American, Asian and European roots.
  • It is those who stand for first amendment rights against any group that usurps and tries to cross those boundaries.
  • It is the federal and state employees who have toiled years with wage cuts and volatility in their own careers because of the poor decisions made in Washington and the state capitols.
  • It is those in journalism who refrain from sensationalism and fight to protect factual truth from government, corporate, or special interest spin.
  • It is those who stand openly defiant against brutality in any form worldwide like the senseless murder of Jamal Khashoggi by the Saudi regime, the persecution against religious freedoms in the far east, racial persecutions in the guise of “immigration control” on the US/Mexican border, LGBTQ persecution in Nigeria, the crimes against humanity by Syria and possibly Russia inside Syria, Assassinations of political dissidents (North Korea and Russia)… the list is long.
  • It is those who stand against bullying and intolerance locally in schools, life, politics, journalism, religion, communities etc.
  • It is those who stand against unjust inequality of any kind.
  • It is those who work tirelessly, sometimes without pay, to help support anyone who is less fortunate in some capacity than they are.
  • It is those who stand against tyranny or overreaching government control in any form and from any direction (far left or right).
  • It is those who recognize our values as a pluralistic, tolerant, religiously agnostic society desiring to protect and respect every American citizen, regardless of who they are.
  • It is those who realize patriotism is NOT represented by  money and wealth but by the moral compass and integrity we represent as a nation.

Real American Patriots are those who mend instead of tear, heal instead of injure, seek peace first instead of pursue war, collaborate instead of compete, and see no color in the process. There are other qualities I didn’t name, but the ones above are some who are representatives of the real American Patriots as I see it, and if I ever declare candidacy, and a campaign ensues, I hope to see many with waving American flags of patriotism at my future rallies throughout America. THAT is the American way as I see it, and THAT is true American Patriotism.

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