The Monster Emerging from the Swampland

If anyone has been watching closely, it is readily visible how stifled Trump was by the Mueller investigation. We didn’t realize literally just how crippled he was and how much it was holding him back from his true self emerging. But now that the Mueller report came out and is behind him, Trump has been emboldened like never before and is beginning to show his true colors of what it means to be a future tyrannical wannabe dictator attempting to demolish a well-organized democracy.

In recent days, he seems to be committing an almost constant daily assault against all branches of the federal government. He did this before, but it wasn’t as frequent and shocking as it is now. Every single day that goes by,  our democracy is under assault and becoming more vulnerable as Trump rips and shreds the Rule of Law that established our nation and ultimately gave peace to all of our lives. And his audacity is to do it openly and notoriously, right in plain view without the slightest sense of shame. Trump openly declares what used to make Presidents blush in humiliation. His open profaneness continues to break the “shock factor” calibrators of a wannabe’s complete abuse of power, and there seem to be no limit in sight.

Why does Trump now feel so emboldened? He is attacking because  he believes he now has the upper hand going into the next election. Pride has gone to his head. The Democrats are swinging so far left he feels he is on Easy Street. He thinks he has the Evangelical Christian vote locked in his pocket with his support of Israel, his anti-abortion stance, anti-Transgender stance, and Mike Pence as VP. In his mind they will never break loyalty with him, so he can do his pleasure  and be increasingly more bold and profane against humanity and decency because remember, he could go out on fifth avenue and shoot someone and still not lose a vote, right?

But now, he is Trump 2.0 who obfuscated and stalled justice. He escaped and successfully climbed over the law. In Trump’s mind, he is the law now. We don’t see it that way. Neither did Germany. But he does. And so did Hitler before he became supreme chancellor! Just look at history, the most cruel of despots, and Trump is now beginning to line up with their patterns in their rise to power. He lines up to a tee.

Trump has completely mastered the art of politically separating anyone he wants as he divides Jews against Muslims, Blacks against Whites, Rich against Poor, Democrats against Republicans, Democrats against other Democrats. Anywhere he sees a soft spot he believes he can divide, and therefore conquer. Here is the thing, and this is what many of his followers are not seeing. They see a public mistake by someone in a group Trump divides, and they believe the issue is the mistake. But a “normal” non-deranged individual is willing to forgive and help mend, heal, and unify. Not Trump! He attacks mistakes publicly and relentlessly, every time for anyone he deems his enemy.

So one thinks, “well, Congress has been dividing and splitting and polarizing for decades now, and other Administrations have bulldozed their plans forward, so Trump is simply playing their game and doing it better”. This is very true and it is also very different as well. The main difference it the motive for the divisions. It has been clear to many all along, but it is becoming noticeably more clear that Trump’s motives for why he is dividing is to splinter our nation in such a way that he can take over the entire United States government as its sole leader and ruler. No one else ever appears to have had the means or the motive. That is what makes this different now!

One clear sign of this is his absolute default issue he constantly gravitates toward: the border. Yes, we need security there, and it is important, but this is the ONE soft spot where Trump can pound against our democracy like no other place…. Because they aren’t US citizens and he can push the boundaries of inhumanity and get away with it! He tried with Muslim countries and ran into roadblocks early in his Administration. But on the physical border, Trump can desensitize us to where his perverse mind wants America to go, while he purposely and methodically treats immigrants like animals, putting children in cages etc. The renegade tyrant wannabe found the precise spot to attack that will have the hurricane type force to break our democracy and crumble it into pieces if he is not stopped!

Brilliant, filthy, and disgusting all at once!! And he did it all by instinct which feeds his own view of himself. Trump, during his political schooling the last two years, has meandered around the system, getting to know it, poking at it here and there looking for softness, and WHAM! He found the spot! He knew and sensed it was there before he was elected, but now that he really found the pain point, he is dug in deep, using the border issue as his primary wrecking ball against our democracy.

Trump appears to be so emboldened he believes he is now invincible. Trump sees himself as such a well-oiled machine that he believes he controls the flow of news altogether, and especially about himself. In many ways he is right. Much of the news media against him runs around where he leads like they have a hook up their nostrils. He jerks them almost at will now and can change the news stories of the day in a heartbeat… because we let him! In his mind, there is no narrative he cannot twist and turn to his favor now. He is above the law. He is the law, and he controls the flow of information. In his mind, he is on Easy Street.

Trump also sees himself as the ultimate winner. I propose that in his mind, he is incapable of losing now. He has an almost cult-like base of supporters, and he is fully energized for attacks that tear at the very roots of our democracy in full, unrelenting force. As people like Steve Bannon, who knows Trump well, have indicated, if Trump is re-elected, we haven’t seen anything yet (I read this on or around April 12, 2019). I believe that statement by Bannon to be one hundred percent true.

Even now, Trump is almost completely unhinged and over the top in his daily violations of basic laws. Trump now has his people almost entirely in place.

The AG is running cover for him on all fronts. He is no longer the impartial Attorney General of the United States, but is now Trump’s personal legal protector in all matters of law.

Trump is using his Treasury Secretary to keep his taxes shrouded in secrecy, even though the jurisdiction for such should NOT be residing with a politically appointed director. How lawless is that? Yet, the renegade proceeds forward knowing that any legal battle he can push out for years. In his perverse mind, he now operates with almost impunity.

Trump wasn’t satisfied that the Federal Reserve had arm’s length from politics and the branches of government. He wasn’t satisfied he could not control the entire economy. So, what is Trump doing? Looking for a Fed he can directly manipulate and control. Trump wants control of the central banking interest rates (Mid-April, 2019).

Seriously, does anyone believe he is doing this ONLY for the good of our nation? Of course, Trump would use it to enrich himself as well! I’m not overreaching here, and everyone reading this knows it. This is a complete no brainer. This is Trump we are talking about! He would not do it secretly, he would do it openly and shamelessly for everyone to see because his perverted mind actually believes it is okay! Fortunately, Congress is pushing back, for the moment, but the fact Trump wants it should be sounding alarms off everywhere.

But is it? Not really. Just another day in the news. Key sera sera. Trump has literally numbed America to sleep with his repulsive bombardment of legal and social norm violations.

Trump just finished gutting the Department of Homeland Security and declared himself the self-appointed czar of DHS. He is obliterating the heads of his departments left and right now just like a true wannabe would do.

This is a continuing strategy of the wannabe now. He avoids Senate confirmation hearings for any place in his cabinet he wants absolute control. He places a minion in the spot of acting secretary of “whatever”, and never appoints the permanent one. He has found the spot where he can act as essential czar outside of Congressional accountability. He has the instinct of a true wannabe on almost all fronts. He couldn’t do it with Attorney General, but that’s no problem because he found a minion to do his complete bidding, so essentially, Trump is now the Justice Department for all intense and purposes.

Trump is so audacious that at the border he is now ordering federal employees to be harsh and break laws, promising them pardons if they are arrested (April 12, 2019), almost exactly like the dictator of a banana republic would do. This is eerily similar to Trump promising to pay the legal bills of someone who would exact violence at one of his campaign rallies when he was wannabe President. Same exact Trump, but now, more dangerous, and the stakes are so much higher! He is wannabe DICTATOR now, and almost within striking distance of the prize, if we sit back and do nothing, or the Democratic Party makes strategic mistakes between now and the 2020 election.

In addition, the wannabe is using his Twitter account to personally cross the line and attack a wonderful Muslim member of Congress and cause others to incite death threats against her. It is very clear that Representative Omar loves our nation and happened to be on the receiving end of clear discriminatory behavior after 911. She is calling for balance! She is finding her way on how to exercise her passion without offending, something anyone in the public arena must do, and the wannabe, who has no desire for balance and harmony, simply attacks her. Now, she is receiving death threats. Trump has truly become this nation’s nightmare! But many of his followers are supporting these despicable behaviors. They are asleep because they don’t see all the ways he is acting like a future tyrant or they minimize by erroneously trying to blame Democrats for similar behaviors. Its all part of the Trump lie.

Trump is threatening also to use immigrants as pawns in a political vengeance attack against his political foes by dumping them as though they aren’t even human into the midst of sanctuary cities represented by Democratic districts. Just yesterday (April 27, 2019), at a rally in Wisconsin, Trump told the crowd he already started doing it. And he took complete responsibility for that decision. He owned it shamelessly! This is sick!

In addition, the emerging monster has attempted to personally reorder the separation of families at the borders once again. Now granted, a lot of this is big shot rhetoric, something Trump is so proficient at, but it is important to understand that wherever he does not get clear pushback, what was “rhetoric” soon turns into real action.

Daily, now, Trump is in open defiance to the Constitution as he directs his people to defy Congressional Subpoenas left and right. No matter what one personally feels about Democrats and their attempt at investigating Trump, the idea that a President can stand in open defiance and direct his people to ignore the Subpoenas from Congress is disgusting, repulsive, and absolutely anti-American! It is the VERY REASON our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution the way they did. And we have what appears to be an “invader” in the White House who is right now telling Congress to basically, “go to hell”! Utter defiance! Even Nixon wouldn’t have tread the waters this wannabe is trampling over every single day he is in office! Do we NOT understand as Americans that Trump, by a form of proxy in his defiance of Congress, is also telling our Founding Fathers to “go to hell”? It’s the same exact thing.

No! This is a wannabe dictator continually attempting to take that which doesn’t belong to him! He is a thief, a fraud, and a usurper who is attempting to steal the government out from underneath its citizens. That is who Trump is.

My fellow Americans, if our alarm bells aren’t ringing loudly yet, we should seriously wake up and open our eyes. The hour is late, my friends! Many have seen it coming for a long time, and those who are closely watching now recognize his gradual transition from a simple wannabe into the almost final stages of the brutal monster he acknowledged he was all the way back in the 1990’s as he touted how much pleasure he got when he saw his personal enemies feel the pain when he squeezed them financially (completely summarized and paraphrased from one of Trump’s books).

Seriously, who really has that attitude?

I’ll tell you who! Trump’s affinity with brutal, heartless dictators and mass murderers is now beginning to be understood fully as he emerges from his political “schooling” the last two years. He has finally graduated, something some of us have been concerned about for a long time. The beast has completed his schooling in politics and he has finally transformed into the real monster many of us saw coming! Well, it is here. The hour is late for our democracy my friends!  It is becoming increasingly clear that it is now much, much later than many of us originally thought.

Who has that attitude? I’ll tell you who… Donald J. Trump, the wannabe dictator of America. That’s who!

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