The silent, drowned out voice in America

I’ve seen this before in local government. I’ve watched how the most passionate voices on the edges sway government and voters to polarize and “force” immediate choices not wanted or needed upon people who represent the silent majority. We ALL know Trump does this almost constantly. He is so far right that it is difficult at his rallies to see the distinction  between white supremacists, Q-anon, or  conservative, evangelical Christians. Everyone gets blended at some point, and it is always the loudest, most blaring voices that get heard. Of course, in Trumpland, there is really only ONE voice, for he either dominates anything he touches, or he attacks it and tries to kill it, kind of like a parasite. There is no in between inside Trumpland.

            Most of us can remember in school how the loud mouth would always talk over everyone else and, many times, the teacher would answer them and give them the majority of attention because they were so domineering. That is what I see happening today. We all know Trump’s loud and constantly running mouth, but there is another one emerging as well: the far-left appears to be on a revolutionary path, and their voice is so loud, it is forcing the Democratic Party to run down the path toward more polarization for this nation… and a potential loss in the 2020 election. That presents serious dangers which I discuss in detail later.

            But there is another voice, the silent voice represented by most Americans, and it is being increasingly ignored right now. It is the voice toward the middle. Many, many millions of Republicans and Democrats alike just want the fighting to STOP! They are tired of polarization, and they know down deep that fixing Washington requires this polarization to end, but because they are quiet, and generally are not loud fighters, their voice goes largely unheard and gets drown out by the ONE obvious extremist on the right side (Trump), and the myriad of activists willing to fight for causes on the left.

But the voice of wisdom, reason, and patience that continually gravitates toward the center, but is usually parked slightly on one side or the other depending on the present climate and political situation, that voice is the most prevalent in America. THAT is the voice I intend to represent in strength and passion, and that is exactly where our nation belongs right now as I see it.

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