To Evangelical Christians

To the Evangelical Christians, support of a presidential candidate should never be about a political party, nor should it be about a so-called charismatic personality who throws red meat to them by showing up at a right to life march.

To anyone who has studied Christian history even slightly, we recognize what a bumbling, utterly grotesque move it is to support a despot in the making, for ultimately, that despot turns his wrath upon them.

But that is not where many in the Church of America seem to be. Not at all. The early church would have recognized Trump’s repulsive deception, his arrogance, his pomp, and his racism from the beginning and never would have followed him. But not many so-called evangelicals in the church of today. They are as stiff-necked and hard-hearted as the original pharisees and if anyone speaks against their king Trump, wrath ensues like vomit dropping out the sky from a half dead vulture.

Such are the ways of many Evangelicals who support their King Trump. It was once thought that Evangelicals would be the constant light and hope of our democracy. But that isn’t so anymore. The obvious impeachable offenses Trump has committed that no one denies, Evangelicals now support. It is disgusting and repulsive for Christians to sleep with Trump as if they were one of his whores.

Do I anger you, Christian who supports this despot renegade? I hope so! Guess what? I’m one of you! I am one of your brothers in Christ and I dare you to open your heart to truth and to stop believing all the filthy lies of this wannabe dictator! I dare you!

Do I anger you? I hope so! The Christ I stand for hates the despicable acts of arrogance and lies of Trump your King! You cannot serve two masters, dear Christian and your support for this horridly toxic individual makes Jesus Christ and the Church look like a desperate, arrogant whore. And there are plenty of Bible verses to back this whorish “spirit gone wild” attitude some Christians have for their one and only King Trump!

Guess what? Jesus is no whore. Nor is the Church of Jesus Christ. What does that mean? It means a day of reckoning is coming for you, for us, and for the world.  “Whosoever loveth and maketh a lie”, according to the Bible, will not be in the upper half of the division coming. Are you one of those or do you stand for truth and justice?

Its one thing to individually struggle as a Christian with personal issues, things we wish we didn’t do, and earnestly seek to be rid of these. It is quite another thing to harbor safety and refuge to a clear and obvious deceiver who is toxic to anyone coming near him as he uses them before trampling under his feet. In case you didn’t notice, he has more characteristics of the Antichrist then of Jesus Christ. Did you notice that dear Christian?

I believe the day may come when many liberals you so condemned over decades will rise into the higher realm while you may fall because they had the integrity and courage you so lacked to expose this ruthless, truth smoldering liar in the White House today. They rose to bravery while you wilted away as a complete coward, stupefied in blindness and hardness of heart.

I hope not. But that is why God sends crystal clear warnings to any and all of us who stray away from the Truth and embrace lies and deception and so-called charismatic leaders who “tickle” their itching ears.

I personally judge no individual. I leave all of that up to God. But I do declare simple, obvious truth, truth that even atheists, witches, Pagans, Buddhists, and every other religious and non-religious persons seem to see so clearly but you seem to miss so blatantly. How pathetic it is to be that blind!

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