Trump’s Kryptonite unveiled

Trump's Kryptonite
Trump’s Kryptonite is being revealed to the world


Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy solstice! And to any non-religious, happy, happy holidays!

And Happy it is! Why? Because for anyone wanting to see the beginning of the Trump house of cards come tumbling down and justice served as it ought, we were just given a holiday gift like none other.

What was it? Impeachment?

Well, that is justice for the atrocities Trump irrefutably committed against our Constitution. But it won’t have the power to remove him from office. So that isn’t it.

What was it?

Its what I’ve been referring to as Trump’s semi-ultimate kryptonite. (His ultimate kryptonite I will explain in a bit).

The “gift” is what I’ve been watching for since January, something I knew would eventually happen. What was it? The editor in chief of Christianity Today, a very popular evangelical magazine, publicly came out and stated that Trump is not fit to hold the office of President and should be removed from office and should not be reelected.

That, my friends, is and always has been, a very dangerous “kryptonite” for Trump. It was only a matter of time. No matter Christians supporting the wannabe dictator have muddied the very name of Christianity; at some point, the conscience can no longer take the lies, hypocrisy, coverups, mocking, vileness, disrespect, bullying, arrogance, and immorality. It spills over and the dam starts to burst.

And burst it will! People don’t realize yet how significant it is. But Trump knew it almost instantly. He most certainly knew it as he immediately, like Darth Vader with a laser, honed in on his little twitter account almost instantly to begin attacking Mark Galli, editor in chief of Christianity Today. Then, to top it off, he got all his preacher minions, over 200 of them, loyal to his kingship, as one voice, to condemn the article, as if that is going to seal the leak.

But I’m sorry. It won’t seal the leak. The crack is now a split, and it is going to get wider, much wider.

The only question: can Democrats pause their pure passion and move into a “strategic” mode just until the election so they can essentially get out of the way and let the GOP and Trump fall over the moral cliff they created for themselves?

Its there. The makings for annihilating Trump in 2020 are right there, open and on display for the whole world to see.

I mentioned evangelicals are Trumps semi-kryptonite for 2020. What finishes the job? Get an evangelical Christian with a progressive plan who loves the Constitution, despises Christian theocracy and understands clearly about Trump’s kryptonite – get them onto the Democratic national stage! They will break those cracks open so wide, the dam will burst with Trump and the GOP being rushed out to deep sea.

Think about it. Such a person could go into deep red and pull millions of votes. Such a person, if they commit to only one term as President and commit to a more progressive female running mate, could hit such a bullseye that no cheating and no election fraud could defeat them. Trump and the GOP would be crushed and could not recover. And the Senate? You bet! Get a moderate with those characteristics on the ballot and deep south (McConnell and Graham territory) become open season hunting grounds.

What a holiday gift that would bring to December of 2020! Are you ready to plant seeds now for next holiday season? Do you know anyone who matches the characteristics above? I do.

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