Why I am now supporting Joe Biden

When I first decided to run for President a year ago last January, it was because I saw as clear as daylight EXACTLY how the Democratic Party could crush Trump and the GOP in 2020.

Back then, I had ONE strategy forked into two directions: accurately represent the Democratic Party as close to perceived center as possible and go after Trump’s base of support in DEEP RED states, especially among Evangelicals since I am one.

Second, IF I could get to a national stage, convince Michelle Obama to be my running mate.j

If those two things couldn’t happen precisely, then I decided I would drop out.

Why would I stake my candidacy on Michelle Obama running with me? For one main reason: on day ONE, we needed to hit the ground running to undo the horrible atrocities Trump has done.

In addition, I needed to be able to handle transition from a cheat, liar, and a dirty player who could leave the White House purposely in shambles while the next “green horn” loses time to figure out what he did. I could NOT risk that for our nation during transition, and I wanted to have Michelle with President Obama by her side helping every step of the way during that critical transition time.

In addition, I believe America needed some nostalgia of the “old way” to breathe a sigh of relief from the present destructive hurricane. Michelle and President Obama would be perfect!

It is for this reason that I make the careful statement: clearly I will NOT be President. I did make a good faith effort with what little resources I had, but it wasn’t enough to get going.

I was concerned Joe Biden might not be in a position to defeat Trump as well. Since the South Carolina debate, and the Town Hall where Mr. Biden shared the story about being in the church where the shooting took place in Charleston, I felt I had seen enough to determine that Joe Biden DOES have the empathy our nation MUST have in the next President to overcome the sociopath.

While we need organization (like Mr. Bloomberg has), and while we need vision and progressive foundations laid (like many other candidates have), what we need right now more than anything is rest and healing from the wounds Trump has inflicted. Mr. Biden has the compassion and empathy to heal these wounds.

Mr. Biden will likely be a one term President, just like I would have. We need not fear we are going backwards. Sometimes, going backwards IS going forward. We need to pick up the rest of the nation before we can move left as a whole. It isn’t in the cards to do it now. Any attempt is a serious risk and could place Trump back into the White House for the final destruction of our nation as we know it.

Going progressively left now will rip our nation to shreds. I warned about this over a year ago, have been shouting it since, and the message has NOT changed.

Mr. Biden can represent that bridge to healing our nation needs right now. Progressives may think its going backwards or status quo, but not really. Its simply moving toward the center so many millions willing to jump the line and vote Democratic can hop on the train. Too far left, and they won’t get on. Close to center, and they will run to catch it.

Let’s be that olive branch to pull them in and heal our nation.

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