Border Security

The Trump Effect

I believe there is a crisis at the border, one that existed before Trump, and one that must be solved. But I believe he purposely made this crisis worse by manufacturing situations that forced this issue to the ludicrous point of making an excuse to declare a national emergency against the Constitution of the United States.

I support border security, but not the ridiculous two dimensional “Trump divisive wall” approach. I believe that simplistic viewpoint is just a blah blah point for him to rile up crowd chants and promote his apparent racist ideologies using a partially legitimate issue and blowing it out of proportion.

It is my view that Trump chose to turn this border wall issue into a fiasco of shutting down the government and ranting endlessly on his Twitter account for nothing less than distractions from the great election loss of 2018 and the Mueller Investigation. Just think of the timing when these issue seem to “surface” on a whim, and we can see patterns emerge as to potential “why’s” that have nothing to do with a real legitimate need. After his issues died down, for a season, what did we hear about border security and walls? Crickets! This points to ulterior motives for making it front and center.

I believe reasonable evidence of Trump’s divisive intent is clear by his asking for another 8.3 billion for the October, 2019 budget. He KNOWS he will not get it. There is zero chance. Yet, he asks for it. Why? I do not believe it is over negotiation because the amount is too ridiculous. I believe this issue gives him another future divisive card to pull out of his hat anytime between now and “whenever” he wants to distract and divide and rile his base.

While some invest their energy toward the future for peace, Trump seems to be an equal and opposite force of sowing seeds of division he can harvest at a later time for his own selfish purposes. And let’s be real: this is NOT for the betterment of our nation. I am so shocked people really believe he is creating strife and division in the best interest of America. That bewilders me and also continues to point more toward a “Trump cult” of followers than basic, simple common sense driving our American family.

But Trump’s focus on the wall is brilliantly disgusting in my opinion. I think it is despicable for him to use real issues as fodder for distraction against his present or future political problems. In addition, he always seems to pick the easy low-hanging fruit of race, a lazy man’s way to divide and stir without adding any real productive value for our country. Through it, he incites further racial divide in this nation, which appears to be Trump’s nature – to stir up controversy and remain at the center of attention in the news at all times. Maybe…. that could explain the 2018 holiday fiasco?? I don’t know, and I really don’t care to figure out what exactly he is thinking, but I’ll try just this once. Perhaps he saw boredom coming around holiday time, he was lonely, and in order to keep the news on him, he needed the added attention because Congress was gone? So he created the Trump shutdown. I don’t know what was going on in his brain. But it was just plain foolish! That I DO know.

In reality, there is a real issue, so let’s look at the wall and border security. Some of our border agents along the south have expressed the difficult time they have in securing our border recently, partially due to the lack of a physical barrier. Some residents along the border want more direct security like a wall. Others do not. I listened carefully to Representative Kinzinger, who was actually deployed on the southern border and he saw a problem. He claims he saw drugs being smuggled across and the possibility of human trafficking as well. This is a problem that we should address without a doubt.

But Trump’s benign frenzy about terrorists appears to have been a flat-out blatant lie. No evidence has ever been presented anywhere that states otherwise as far as I know concerning the southern border. If or when it does, then we would need to take serious notice. No one is saying it isn’t possible, it just doesn’t appear to be any kind of impending danger at the moment.

In the early 2000’s, the same expression and very grave concerns came from our northern border agents in response to known terrorists coming into our nation from Canada and not even a fence existed between the two nations for hundreds of miles along the border. That begs the question: why is Trump focused on the southern border alone if not for selfish, racially divisive nerves he is attempting to agitate for his own political and perhaps bigoted motives? One terrorist from the north may do more damage than ten thousand immigrants from the south.

Ok, fine. Some contend that Trump is on a mission against drugs, but really? I would be on a mission against illegal hard drugs ruining our society as well, but shut down the government and make our airport security wallow while TSA workers and families suffer in order to bully the border issue solely to solve drug trafficking which existed for decades? And why, if he is using terrorists as a talking point for the southern border does he not mention the northern border where the far greater danger of such exists? Also, if Trump had concerns for, let’s say children and human trafficking…. If it was about love for children, then why does he want to separate children from their parents and put them in cages to live indefinitely? He doesn’t care about children! He has proven that over and over with his callous, hard heart.

The Legitimate Issue

So, relating to a real wall, in certain cases, a physically high barrier is clearly part of a holistic solution to the problem along our borders, both north and south. I don’t think any democrat ever argues against that point and I wholeheartedly support that. But in other cases, it is more practical for a significant double low or high barrier with a buffer zone and patrolling agents with vehicles within those buffers. In other areas, it is practical for electronical sensors communicating through satellite or drones. Being into technology somewhat, I am aware we even have amazing technology available to create small flying insect looking objects that could be used as sensors to potentially monitor all along the border. Silicon is very cheap and one of the most abundant elements on the planet. Many of these types of advances can be created and mass produced in large quantities for very low cost.

So there are significant options available for us to help our agents  in both the north and south to secure our borders that would be far more effective than the one dimensional (and almost dense) statement, “we need a medieval type wall”.  Using technology correctly will allow us to focus attention on the more serious efforts of tunnels, submarines and aircraft used to smuggle massive amounts of drugs, weapons, and other contraband into our nation. It will also allow us to focus on ports of entry screening as well. The solutions are potentially simple, and less costly than a two-dimensional, flat thinking border wall concept. A border wall is NOT a holistic solution to the multi-faceted problems we face at the borders.

And getting the politicians in Washington to agree, Trump doesn’t get it at all and completely shot himself in the foot! For campaign rhetoric, I admit it was an aggressively brilliant move for someone with sociopathic tendencies and few boundaries or morals to blah blah about the wall and make race a central nerve point to stir his base and drudge up the sludge of prejudice in the hearts of some of his followers. But it was one of his most foolish blunders when it comes to practical governance because now, the wall is all about him! And even if, for some reason, Mexico was going to eventually pay for the wall through confiscations from Drug Cartels etc. (that is how I would see it), it was senseless and foolish to “BIG Shot” it and tell the entire Mexican government they were going to pay for it! That is arrogance, pomp, and simple “hot air” right from the start and should never be coming from any of our leaders, much less the President! And, by the way, this was supposed to be from the great negotiator? That is a terrible way to negotiate with a friendly nation! The concept of Mexico paying for the wall was DOA. It was a non-starter and he had to have known it! He simply used it for his perfectly ego driven soul, to build crowd chants and manipulate his way into the White House.

Today, here and now, even if a majority of Americans wanted a physical barrier on that border, for America and Congress to “bow their knee to Trump” on the matter would be more than this nation could likely “stomach” because it now symbolizes Trump “strong arming” his childish way over the will of the people. That is likely more than we should handle unless it was truly an emergency of epic proportion, which it is not. I don’t believe we really want to coddle a wannabe dictator and reward his childish behavior. That is not in America’s best interest, and for that reason, the wall should wait (a little bit). What Trump did was NOT the way to negotiate anything! And besides, no one wants the symbol of the Statue of Liberty to be replaced by a Trump wall, except probably Narcissist Trump and his most loyal minions. Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer brilliantly declared such on national television during the embarrassing and debilitating Trump shutdown debacle (December, 2018 –  January, 2019). Nicely done!

From my viewpoint, I won’t say wall or no wall, or even partial wall for that matter. Honestly. I need to know and understand more. But if I did want a wall, unless it is truly an emergency, if I eventually declare candidacy and am elected President, I would not ask for such until I KNOW all residue of Trump’s name is out of the discussion! This isn’t because I hate Trump or anything like that. This has to do with the symbol the wall now represents and how that would damage our nation. Symbols are important! They are important for individuals, groups, and nations.  If or when I did seek money for a wall as part of the holistic solution, I would do so publicly, but quietly. I wouldn’t make it front and center. It should not be about HIM or anyone else. Right now, if a wall is built, it would still be the Trump wall. That cannot be for this nation.

Symbols are very important to a country and a people. And the symbol of Racist Trump must be eradicated from this Great Nation as soon as possible, and a wall will not do it right now. The exception where all this is set aside, of course, is a condition of a true national emergency. That would take precedence over anything else in my opinion. But personally, I don’t see that coming anytime soon, unless Trump screws up foreign policy south of Mexico and the presence of Russia and China creates it. Hopefully that won’t happen and Trump will fill the vacuum of support he jerked out from under them recently. (Please understand this last statement I am making based off of publicly available news. I am aware there is an entire world of intelligence I have no access to which could completely change this opinion).

Border Security is very important, but so is the way we handle immigration. Right now, both are complete failures in my opinion. In the same way I want to holistically solve healthcare in a way that perfectly matches America’s DNA (see the topic below), I want to also look at Border Security and resolve it. I don’t have enough information to give a true, solid opinion on what exactly we should do. But, in time, if a candidacy is declared, I will. At the moment, I am pretending I am a candidate running for President, so, as a result, I eat, sleep, and drink these problems and issue. I think about them constantly. If things move forward into reality, however, that passion will only multiply and we will find solutions to difficult problems in this nation! Rest assured, America!

The above section is written in the form of an assumption that on some future date, I will have declared a candidacy for President and will have won the 2020 election. I have not declared any candidacy for President yet.