My Candidacy for President



My fellow Americans, I believe time is short and the hour is late and, while our democracy has certain safeguards in place to protect it, the polarization in our nation is causing such hurricane force attacks that eventually our system will break and our democracy could crumble. Many cracks are already visible and obvious. It is only a matter of time. Because of this, I’m concerned that if Trump wins again in 2020 or the nation polarizes to the far left with a complete socialistic win, our teetering nation will reach the verge of a  tipping point that could signal the end of our democracy as we know it. To some, I may sound like an alarmist, but I’ve been listening and watching intently for some time, and I know I’m not the only one who believes this.

But there is hope! There is a clear pathway the Democratic Party can almost certainly defeat Trump in 2020 and remove both dangers simultaneously. By accepting a general position just left of center, the Democratic Party can ensure our nation’s recovery and healing in the aftermath of Hurricane Trump. I go into great detail in this book how and why this can happen. There is a very clear path to victory. And in a similar way Trump used his “instinct” to divide and conquer our nation in a destructive way and create a win in the 2016 election, America and the Democratic Party has a very unique opportunity to use their “instinct” to unify our nation in a healing way, and defeat the wannabe dictator once and for all in 2020 and remove his destructive ideologies of polarization from our nation.

My name is John Gunter and I am a candidate for President of the United States with the Democratic Party. I will seek only one term and that will not change. I will be running for four main purposes that I believe encompass a holistic view of where our nation came from, where we are at, and where we need to go.

First, my intent is to represent the clear voice of the silent majority, a voice that seems to be increasingly shut out by far-left and far-right ideologies to the point of almost non-existence.

Also, in order to do that, it is unavoidable: that silent voice must  become loud and strong enough to square off head to head with what I believe is a sociopathic, narcissistic, wannabe dictator to defeat him and his reckless, destructive ideologies. With your help, I would intend to make that happen. I will explain clearly in the last chapter what the term  “with your help” means for the future of this endeavor.

In addition to defeating Trump in 2020, and just as important, my purpose would be to support the healing, regrouping, and unification of our American family in the aftermath of Hurricane Trump and his not so subtle attempt to usurp the executive branch over the other branches and the Constitution of the United States.

Finally, if elected, I will seek to lead our nation into the future with a holistic, well-centered plan that would confront and lay the groundwork for the main issues we face as a nation and society, issues such as healthcare, education, climate change, immigration, security, privacy, safety, wealth inequity, social inequity and discrimination, foreign policy, freedom of speech, and racial divisions to name just a few. I would do that by establishing  several foundational key pillars which I will describe in detail throughout this book.

Trump, with his many followers, appears to have injected and fostered such a divisive spirit into the very heart of this nation that, beginning with a base of supporters, he has completely hijacked and taken over the Republican leadership and bulldozed a significant portion of the Federal Government into submission to his authoritarian will. This propagation must come to an end, and if a candidacy is declared and a campaign moves forward into reality, I believe I know exactly how to make it happen and will present the strategy here. 

When my purpose is complete, but no more than 4 years, I will work relentlessly to have grown, not only economic hope and prosperity the last two Presidents have fostered, but in addition, it would be my intent to restore moral hope, dignity, and unification back into the heart of America. And at that time, I would gladly step aside and support the election of our Vice President in hope of her future success and  victory.

In order for my potential future candidacy and this strategy to take root, I have decided at this time there would only be one way for me to run for President: with the Democratic Party alone. If the party cannot or would not accept me, or they would refuse for whatever reason to hear the millions of silent voices echoing loud and clear toward the moderate-center, then I would withdraw any potential pursuit, because I believe the most important item on the agenda for America is to remove Donald J. Trump from office and, realistically, the Democratic Party is the ONLY party positioned to defeat him in 2020 and carry this nation forward toward a progressive, productive Administration of the future.


I’ve seen this before in local government. I’ve watched how the most passionate voices on the edges sway government and voters to polarize and “force” immediate choices not wanted or needed upon people who represent the silent majority. We ALL know Trump does this almost constantly. He is so far right that it is difficult at his rallies to see the distinction  between white supremacists, Q-anon, or  conservative, evangelical Christians. Everyone gets blended at some point, and it is always the loudest, most blaring voices that get heard. Of course, in Trumpland, there is really only ONE voice, for he either dominates anything he touches, or he attacks it and tries to kill it, kind of like a parasite. There is no in between inside Trumpland.

            Most of us can remember in school how the loud mouth would always talk over everyone else and, many times, the teacher would answer them and give them the majority of attention because they were so domineering. That is what I see happening today. We all know Trump’s loud and constantly running mouth, but there is another one emerging as well: the far-left appears to be on a revolutionary path, and their voice is so loud, it is forcing the Democratic Party to run down the path toward more polarization for this nation… and a potential loss in the 2020 election. That presents serious dangers which I discuss in detail later.

            But there is another voice, the silent voice represented by most Americans, and it is being increasingly ignored right now. It is the voice toward the middle. Many, many millions of Republicans and Democrats alike just want the fighting to STOP! They are tired of polarization, and they know down deep that fixing Washington requires this polarization to end, but because they are quiet, and generally are not loud fighters, their voice goes largely unheard and gets drown out by the ONE obvious extremist on the right side (Trump), and the myriad of activists willing to fight for causes on the left.

But the voice of wisdom, reason, and patience that continually gravitates toward the center, but is usually parked slightly on one side or the other depending on the present climate and political situation, that voice is the most prevalent in America. THAT is the voice I intend to represent in strength and passion, and that is exactly where our nation belongs right now as I see it.


I want to make it clear up front. In this book, I will probably go to the edge and may step over some people’s lines of comfort as I lambast Trump for the outrageous things he is doing and has done. Please be rest assured of one thing: I hold no grudge against the man himself. I don’t even know him personally. I am attacking his ideologies, and because of his strong and very clear narcissistic behavior, his ideologies seem to have simply become HIM. It is that simple. The old saying, “it isn’t personal” does not fit Trump. With Trump, it is personal, and I propose it is personal for every American as his ideologies are now spilling out into the everyday lives of Americans. Let me explain.

Most people in this world you can disagree with, and it isn’t about those people. You simply disagree with a “piece” of their thinking. Not Trump. He seems to fit into a certain category of people who, when you disagree with their ideology, and voice that disagreement to the point of becoming known, you are left with no choice but to disagree with the entire makeup of that person, not just a piece of them. Why? Because Trump is generally the one who draws first blood, almost every time. Not only will he attack the ideological difference, he then decides to Tweet something nasty about the individual, crossing all moral and ethical boundaries focusing and mocking the way they talk, look, smile, or any number of low-life blows, or he creates a demeaning or mocking nickname for them to purposely damage and reconstruct them in the image of his perverse mind.

If that were the only issue, though, so what, right? Let him attack the few public figures for four or eight years, then he is gone. End of story and good riddance, right?


But that is not what is occurring. If anyone has been watching closely, it is readily visible how stifled Trump was by the Mueller investigation. We didn’t realize literally just how crippled he was and how much it was holding him back from his true self emerging. But now that the Mueller report came out and is behind him, Trump has been emboldened like never before and is beginning to show his true colors of what it means to be a future tyrannical wannabe dictator attempting to demolish a well-organized democracy.

In recent days, he seems to be committing an almost constant daily assault against all branches of the federal government. He did this before, but it wasn’t as frequent and shocking as it is now. Every single day that goes by,  our democracy is under assault and becoming more vulnerable as Trump rips and shreds the Rule of Law that established our nation and ultimately gave peace to all of our lives. And his audacity is to do it openly and notoriously, right in plain view without the slightest sense of shame. Trump openly declares what used to make Presidents blush in humiliation. His open profaneness continues to break the “shock factor” calibrators of a wannabe’s complete abuse of power, and there seem to be no limit in sight.

Why does Trump now feel so emboldened? He is attacking because  he believes he now has the upper hand going into the next election. Pride has gone to his head. The Democrats are swinging so far left he feels he is on Easy Street. He thinks he has the Evangelical Christian vote locked in his pocket with his support of Israel, his anti-abortion stance, anti-Transgender stance, and Mike Pence as VP. In his mind they will never break loyalty with him, so he can do his pleasure  and be increasingly more bold and profane against humanity and decency because remember, he could go out on fifth avenue and shoot someone and still not lose a vote, right?

But now, he is Trump 2.0 who obfuscated and stalled justice. He escaped and successfully climbed over the law. In Trump’s mind, he is the law now. We don’t see it that way. Neither did Germany. But he does. And so did Hitler before he became supreme chancellor! Just look at history, the most cruel of despots, and Trump is now beginning to line up with their patterns in their rise to power. He lines up to a tee.

Trump has completely mastered the art of politically separating anyone he wants as he divides Jews against Muslims, Blacks against Whites, Rich against Poor, Democrats against Republicans, Democrats against other Democrats. Anywhere he sees a soft spot he believes he can divide, and therefore conquer. Here is the thing, and this is what many of his followers are not seeing. They see a public mistake by someone in a group Trump divides, and they believe the issue is the mistake. But a “normal” non-deranged individual is willing to forgive and help mend, heal, and unify. Not Trump! He attacks mistakes publicly and relentlessly, every time for anyone he deems his enemy.

So one thinks, “well, Congress has been dividing and splitting and polarizing for decades now, and other Administrations have bulldozed their plans forward, so Trump is simply playing their game and doing it better”. This is very true and it is also very different as well. The main difference it the motive for the divisions. It has been clear to many all along, but it is becoming noticeably more clear that Trump’s motives for why he is dividing is to splinter our nation in such a way that he can take over the entire United States government as its sole leader and ruler. No one else ever appears to have had the means or the motive. That is what makes this different now!

One clear sign of this is his absolute default issue he constantly gravitates toward: the border. Yes, we need security there, and it is important, but this is the ONE soft spot where Trump can pound against our democracy like no other place…. Because they aren’t US citizens and he can push the boundaries of inhumanity and get away with it! He tried with Muslim countries and ran into roadblocks early in his Administration. But on the physical border, Trump can desensitize us to where his perverse mind wants America to go, while he purposely and methodically treats immigrants like animals, putting children in cages etc. The renegade tyrant wannabe found the precise spot to attack that will have the hurricane type force to break our democracy and crumble it into pieces if he is not stopped!

Brilliant, filthy, and disgusting all at once!! And he did it all by instinct which feeds his own view of himself. Trump, during his political schooling the last two years, has meandered around the system, getting to know it, poking at it here and there looking for softness, and WHAM! He found the spot! He knew and sensed it was there before he was elected, but now that he really found the pain point, he is dug in deep, using the border issue as his primary wrecking ball against our democracy.

Trump appears to be so emboldened he believes he is now invincible. Trump sees himself as such a well-oiled machine that he believes he controls the flow of news altogether, and especially about himself. In many ways he is right. Much of the news media against him runs around where he leads like they have a hook up their nostrils. He jerks them almost at will now and can change the news stories of the day in a heartbeat… because we let him! In his mind, there is no narrative he cannot twist and turn to his favor now. He is above the law. He is the law, and he controls the flow of information. In his mind, he is on Easy Street.

Trump also sees himself as the ultimate winner. I propose that in his mind, he is incapable of losing now. He has an almost cult-like base of supporters, and he is fully energized for attacks that tear at the very roots of our democracy in full, unrelenting force. As people like Steve Bannon, who knows Trump well, have indicated, if Trump is re-elected, we haven’t seen anything yet (I read this on or around April 12, 2019). I believe that statement by Bannon to be one hundred percent true.

Even now, Trump is almost completely unhinged and over the top in his daily violations of basic laws. Trump now has his people almost entirely in place.

The AG is running cover for him on all fronts. He is no longer the impartial Attorney General of the United States, but is now Trump’s personal legal protector in all matters of law.

Trump is using his Treasury Secretary to keep his taxes shrouded in secrecy, even though the jurisdiction for such should NOT be residing with a politically appointed director. How lawless is that? Yet, the renegade proceeds forward knowing that any legal battle he can push out for years. In his perverse mind, he now operates with almost impunity.

Trump wasn’t satisfied that the Federal Reserve had arm’s length from politics and the branches of government. He wasn’t satisfied he could not control the entire economy. So, what is Trump doing? Looking for a Fed he can directly manipulate and control. Trump wants control of the central banking interest rates (Mid-April, 2019).

Seriously, does anyone believe he is doing this ONLY for the good of our nation? Of course, Trump would use it to enrich himself as well! I’m not overreaching here, and everyone reading this knows it. This is a complete no brainer. This is Trump we are talking about! He would not do it secretly, he would do it openly and shamelessly for everyone to see because his perverted mind actually believes it is okay! Fortunately, Congress is pushing back, for the moment, but the fact Trump wants it should be sounding alarms off everywhere.

But is it? Not really. Just another day in the news. Key sera sera. Trump has literally numbed America to sleep with his repulsive bombardment of legal and social norm violations.

Trump just finished gutting the Department of Homeland Security and declared himself the self-appointed czar of DHS. He is obliterating the heads of his departments left and right now just like a true wannabe would do.

This is a continuing strategy of the wannabe now. He avoids Senate confirmation hearings for any place in his cabinet he wants absolute control. He places a minion in the spot of acting secretary of “whatever”, and never appoints the permanent one. He has found the spot where he can act as essential czar outside of Congressional accountability. He has the instinct of a true wannabe on almost all fronts. He couldn’t do it with Attorney General, but that’s no problem because he found a minion to do his complete bidding, so essentially, Trump is now the Justice Department for all intense and purposes.

Trump is so audacious that at the border he is now ordering federal employees to be harsh and break laws, promising them pardons if they are arrested (April 12, 2019), almost exactly like the dictator of a banana republic would do. This is eerily similar to Trump promising to pay the legal bills of someone who would exact violence at one of his campaign rallies when he was wannabe President. Same exact Trump, but now, more dangerous, and the stakes are so much higher! He is wannabe DICTATOR now, and almost within striking distance of the prize, if we sit back and do nothing, or the Democratic Party makes strategic mistakes between now and the 2020 election.

In addition, the wannabe is using his Twitter account to personally cross the line and attack a wonderful Muslim member of Congress and cause others to incite death threats against her. It is very clear that Representative Omar loves our nation and happened to be on the receiving end of clear discriminatory behavior after 911. She is calling for balance! She is finding her way on how to exercise her passion without offending, something anyone in the public arena must do, and the wannabe, who has no desire for balance and harmony, simply attacks her. Now, she is receiving death threats. Trump has truly become this nation’s nightmare! But many of his followers are supporting these despicable behaviors. They are asleep because they don’t see all the ways he is acting like a future tyrant or they minimize by erroneously trying to blame Democrats for similar behaviors. Its all part of the Trump lie.

Trump is threatening also to use immigrants as pawns in a political vengeance attack against his political foes by dumping them as though they aren’t even human into the midst of sanctuary cities represented by Democratic districts. Just yesterday (April 27, 2019), at a rally in Wisconsin, Trump told the crowd he already started doing it. And he took complete responsibility for that decision. He owned it shamelessly! This is sick!

In addition, the emerging monster has attempted to personally reorder the separation of families at the borders once again. Now granted, a lot of this is big shot rhetoric, something Trump is so proficient at, but it is important to understand that wherever he does not get clear pushback, what was “rhetoric” soon turns into real action.

Daily, now, Trump is in open defiance to the Constitution as he directs his people to defy Congressional Subpoenas left and right. No matter what one personally feels about Democrats and their attempt at investigating Trump, the idea that a President can stand in open defiance and direct his people to ignore the Subpoenas from Congress is disgusting, repulsive, and absolutely anti-American! It is the VERY REASON our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution the way they did. And we have what appears to be an “invader” in the White House who is right now telling Congress to basically, “go to hell”! Utter defiance! Even Nixon wouldn’t have tread the waters this wannabe is trampling over every single day he is in office! Do we NOT understand as Americans that Trump, by a form of proxy in his defiance of Congress, is also telling our Founding Fathers to “go to hell”? It’s the same exact thing.

No! This is a wannabe dictator continually attempting to take that which doesn’t belong to him! He is a thief, a fraud, and a usurper who is attempting to steal the government out from underneath its citizens. That is who Trump is.

My fellow Americans, if our alarm bells aren’t ringing loudly yet, we should seriously wake up and open our eyes. The hour is late, my friends! Many have seen it coming for a long time, and those who are closely watching now recognize his gradual transition from a simple wannabe into the almost final stages of the brutal monster he acknowledged he was all the way back in the 1990’s as he touted how much pleasure he got when he saw his personal enemies feel the pain when he squeezed them financially (completely summarized and paraphrased from one of Trump’s books).

Seriously, who really has that attitude?

I’ll tell you who! Trump’s affinity with brutal, heartless dictators and mass murderers is now beginning to be understood fully as he emerges from his political “schooling” the last two years. He has finally graduated, something some of us have been concerned about for a long time. The beast has completed his schooling in politics and he has finally transformed into the real monster many of us saw coming! Well, it is here. The hour is late for our democracy my friends!  It is becoming increasingly clear that it is now much, much later than many of us originally thought.

Who has that attitude? I’ll tell you who… Donald J. Trump, the wannabe dictator of America. That’s who!


It is because of all these things, I will not hold back what I say in the following pages. There are many in this nation and around the world who have been waiting for someone to speak the full truth and call him exactly what everyone knows he deserves openly and publicly in a political arena. News media has been trying, but Trump has complete control over his own media group to neutralize and label those seeking to tell the truth. Those journalists trying to expose him are called “the enemy of the people” and “traitorous Democratic socialists”.  They are  all lies, but there is just enough power behind his garbage to slow the forces so he can continue bulldozing roughshod over American democracy and decency.

I believe there are many voters waiting right now for a person to rise up and square off with Trump on complete equal footing, but with integrity and truth as their banner instead of the putrid lies and deceit foaming out of the wannabe’s profane mouth. So far, from what I am seeing, no one else has yet to stand in the particular way I believe would defeat him decisively, therefore, I am about to do exactly that and if my future potential campaign becomes reality, I will not hold back! The wannabe dictator Trump has no idea what he is in for! He hasn’t a clue and he will be hit from so many angles his twisted head will be spinning in all directions to keep up with what is coming… it is a flood he will NOT be able to handle if this campaign moves forward and I am elected. This book is only a very small tip of the iceberg. There is not a red state in the nation where he will be on Easy Street. He really does have no idea. I’m sorry if that sounds arrogant. It isn’t meant to be. It is simply the calm assurance of truth. If you don’t believe me, please make this free book go viral and I’ll be glad to show you EXACTLY what I mean, for the best is yet to come.

People are thirsting for the truth. They are hungering for a candidate to seriously get in Trump’s face while staying professional and above the fray. But at the same time, such a candidate must being able to  present a solid, holistic vision for the future of America away from the myriad of Trump distractions and just centered enough for previous Trump supporters to “jump the line” and vote Democratic. It requires a very healthy and sustainable balance, and I intend to provide that balance right here and throughout the 2020 election if my campaign builds momentum. But I will need your serious help all along the way to accomplish this. It is a monumental task we have before us, Team America! The last chapter explains the beginning of what I need from you to make this vision a reality.

I’m a little late to the game, but that is entirely on purpose. I needed time to think, study, see the entire playing field, and cover all my bases. Then, rethink my steps, and consider my steps one more time. I’ve done that now. As of September 20, 2019, I declared candidacy and I hope you will join me. Together, we can bring peace back into this nation and restore moral dignity, respect, and tolerance. We will rid our government once and for all of the disgraceful wannabe, sower of lies and division.

I know I painted him pretty “big” in the previous paragraphs, but honestly, it is just one BIG lie. That’s it. Its only big because people believe the lie. But now, as we see, Trump is but a shadow who has fallen in love with himself. He is a wannabe emperor without his clothes! He is fixated on his own perceived greatness, and that will be his downfall and there is nothing he can do about it, provided the Democratic Party moves toward the center (regardless of what happens to me).

At this time, I simply want to be honest, transparent, and up front about who I am and what my intentions are ahead of time. There is a very clear two pronged approach in this book. I hope to present a reasonably equal balance between the two. First, my intent is to directly confront the ideological sewage that spews forth from the present Administration, and secondly, I wish to present a very clear vision that moves America beyond thinking about the 2020 election toward a very bright and hopeful future for our nation. If those two things are accomplished, I’ve done my part in contributing to 20/20 vision for the 2020 election. Honestly, it is a very difficult challenge NOT focusing on the elephant in the room at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. His atrocities can pretty much be interwoven into anything we want to talk about concerning our nation. I’m trying. It is my sincere hope that, once he loses the election in 2020, we, as a nation, can move on and quickly forget he was ever there.


On the flip side of my boldness to confront the horrible, narcissistic, sociopathic bully we have in the White House, please let me be very, very clear about one other thing because I don’t want you to mistake who I am as a person. I attack bullies and groups of bullies and I attack them strong, relentlessly, and head on! I do NOT attack anyone else. You could ask anyone I’ve ever been around from grade school onward, and, if they remember me, they will tell you I am and always have been a peacemaker and a true team player at heart. I may disagree with another’s ideology or position on issues, and I might even get passionate about it, but I will not attack them personally and most of the time, I have a very strong “live and let live” attitude I do my best to abide by, and it is simply against my nature to outright mock people.

I believe the closest you will get to me mocking is the sarcastic glossary of nicknames I gave to Trump in the end of this book in which I give my definition and an example of where I believe Trump fits the description of his nickname (not included in the pre-release edition). I figure everyone he has ever openly mocked or nicknamed might feel some degree of satisfaction from reading the glossary. That is why I included it. Even there, my motive is sincere and it isn’t intended to harm a person, but to provide a social form of justice.

For the above reason, you will likely never hear me say one negative word about anyone running against Trump unless they show themselves to be stubbornly polarizing and divisive. I haven’t found anyone yet. Therefore, I just won’t do it. I don’t care if they are independents, democrats, or republicans. I don’t care if they are far-left, middle-left, or far-right as long as they are attempting to remove the wannabe from office.

We who desire strength and unity are ALL on Team America at this moment as far as I am concerned! That means I may disagree with their ideological position, or how they want to bring America into the future. I may even believe their ideological view is a serious threat to our future democracy and will say so, but I will never berate or attack them as individuals because I see no one who fits into the low moral, ethical, mud-slinging category of Trump. He represent a clear and present danger to all of us right now.

This isn’t even a close call, so what I say about Trump is categorically different than anyone else. For a few of the present candidates running, I set aside a small appendix at the end of the book to allow you to see how I feel about them individually and how I respectfully treat people as a whole because please be warned, I pull no punches regarding Trump throughout this book, and it would be easy for you to think of me similar to Trump because of how strong my words are. So it may surprise you to see the vast contrast between my treatment of Trump and others. I purposely needed to include it so you understand. I encourage you to read it. It will help you get to know me better as a person. Again, it is in the Appendix of this pre-release.

But even with Trump and the strong negative words I speak concerning him representing choices he made or his depravities and vileness, I choose not to get into his personal life. All the drama about his sexual life… seriously! We’ve had enough of that! It isn’t that his mistreatment and personal coverups have no importance. It is simply “old news” and he was elected with everyone knowing about it anyway. To me, that drudge-up represents drama, is not relevant to any of my discussions, and is simply not a level I want to sink to. Let’s keep this conversation on matters of State and how a true dignitary of this nation should publicly act and behave. That is my focus in this book. But, as a side note, if you want to see how I feel about the specific topic of sexual assault and abuse, please see Chapter 10, #Me Too section.

Also, I never speak about the way he looks or about his family, or anyone else caught in his wake with a few minor exceptions for the purpose of calling out specific actions of those who corruptly seem to run cover for Trump and should be removed from office. Other than that, I just won’t go there. I don’t do that in life, and I certainly won’t do that here. It isn’t right, even if Trump is as low of a human being as possible when it comes to attacking others, it does not matter. Under normal circumstances, for the sake of Trump’s family, I would even have refrained certain things I say in this book about his character, but I believe the heart of America yearns for truth and it is greater than the will to stay silent. For that reason alone, I speak with a loud and clear voice so hopefully it echoes into the ears of every American, even those who loyally support him. They need to hear it more than anyone!

One further thing before getting started: this is not really an apology. This is an acknowledgment to you that I’m aware of something. Some of you, who are in the military, or have certain respect for our nation call Trump by the term “President Trump”. And to you, how I regard the name Trump will likely be disrespectful to the office of the President. There is ONE chapter where I treat President Trump like the President and I refer to him throughout that chapter as President Trump. And I respect him as such in that chapter.

For the rest of this book, I am so sorry to you that I cannot do that! My conscience resonates different than yours, and for many of the narcissistic, sociopathic, and power-grabbing ways he has acted, I make a choice to call him names I feel suit his actions I am referring to at that moment, or I simply call him “Trump”. I’m sorry I may lose some of you reading and that we may reach an impasse on this one issue. And I’m very sorry that Donald J. Trump has done this to America, but he, and he alone bears the sole responsibility for it! I will take no responsibility for his repulsive behavior that causes some of us to refrain from the term “President” when referring to him. It is Trump who put our nation in such a divisive and vulnerable place that some of us cannot even think of him as “President Trump” except for very specific circumstances.

It is my sincere hope that if I lose you on the above point, someday I will get you back because you will understand this is a matter of conscience for me as much as it is for you. Again, I’m sorry this has to happen and hopefully we meet in the middle soon!


Let’s get started. I happen to have some conservative values, but I have grown over the years to be far more liberal and tolerant of certain left viewpoints as well.

But conservative values or not, I could never run as a Republican. The lies, deceit, games, and blatant coverups many of the leaders in the party openly displayed in the last two years was disgusting and despicable. They simply ran roughshod over the will of the greater majority of Americans who believed otherwise. It was very calloused, heartless, and in some cases, cruel. I believe their part of slowing down, stagnating, and even attempting to stall the investigations into Trump should have made them culpable if Trump would have been found to have worked with the Kremlin directly through the Mueller Investigation. They did not know the answer of whether Trump conspired or not. They had no clue whatsoever! Yet they impeded and refused investigations. Trump is a pathological liar, so they certainly could not believe his word.

Even the fact that Trump, along with his top people, told a myriad of lies denying contact with Russia that literally made him look “guilty as hell” does indeed implicate Trump, not for the legal definition of conspiracy, but for the complete incompetence of needless drama, divisions, and cloudiness over issues that should have been solved with simple truth instead of wasting our country’s valuable time and resources in a pool of stagnate, bacteria infested waters of strife and division. And what a complete pack of lies the Trump Party (Republicans) are trying to  sell to America saying the Democrats are to blame for the drama of the “needless” investigation, for, if we take the veil off and seriously look with unbiased eyes, the problems were Trump’s screw ups and entanglements with people who had ties to the Russian government!

Again, Trump looked “guilty as hell”. We had to investigate. Anything else would have been completely irresponsible of our government. And clearly, with Trump ordering his people to “fire Mueller”, it was clear a “Special Counsel” away from the President’s reach was needed and clearly warranted.

So, this issue shows nothing negative about the Democrats at this juncture, but it does indeed show the complete ineffectiveness of Trump’s self-centered form of leadership and, in a certain way, should make him completely unfit for the office because he wasted our time by lying so much and picking people for his campaign and White House posts that could help enrich him with business in Russia! But that should be decided by voters in 2020, not by invoking the 25th amendment as some have considered.

In addition, the Republican leadership, seemed to have used their power to bully their agenda into law instead of taking the much wiser, middle ground approach of looking for agreements and compromise. I know many of the Republican lawmakers will say the Democrats did it to them between 2008 and 2010. So what? Are they children playing tit for tat in a freaking playpen? Someone needed to rise up to the challenge and stop the bleeding, and Republican leadership had their chance last round and chose a divider and destructive individual instead of a unifier and healer. They chose the divisive path of their leader. They made it worse! They had an opportunity, but lost it. They could have stood against wrecking ball Trump and positioned themselves like Senator Flake and Senator Corker: for decency, honor and respect for our nation and our laws! They could have sided with them against the renegade, but chose instead to run them out of office at Trump’s beckoning.

Therefore, whatever divisions existed prior to Trump, they simply made it worse, and as leaders in their party, share in Trump’s blood bath against decency, unity, honor, and democracy. In my opinion, those Republicans and Independents who supported Trump loyally all but followed him over the edge of a moral cliff. They were deceived by what appears to be a master manipulator. And their ship has crashed against the rocks of moral failure right now.


And all this provides for what I believe is a one-time never before opportunity for the Democratic Party in the 2020 election. It also provides the possibility for the Democratic Party to end the fighting in Congress and bring complete redemption for anyone who voted for Trump in 2016, but regrets their action.  If the Democratic Party does the right thing between now and the 2020 elections, I fully believe both opportunity and redemption will take place and our Great Nation can simultaneously heal and move forward toward a very bright future.

This is an incredibly unique occasion for the Democratic Party right now, one that may have never existed so boldly before. It presents itself on a silver platter if the Party opens their eyes wide enough to see clearly with 20/20 vision.

The Republican leadership has been morally weakened and almost defeated by their own chief Wrecking Ball Trump, and if the Democrats can migrate wisely through this simultaneous “perfect storm” and “perfect opportunity”, I believe they could accomplish something not seen before in modern American politics. But they must act in a particular way, and if they do, they could turn most of America, both rural and urban, blue in my opinion. But they must ignore the chatter, the “infinite” money Trump has raised blah blah. It must be ignored in lieu of solid, moral facts. Its ALL smoke and mirrors because the greatest currency in the world right now is one thing, and one thing only: integrity! Money will never replace lost integrity, ever!

And the moral facts declare the Trump Party is completely bankrupt, even if they do not believe they are. America sees it, but absolutely will not take action against it unless the Democratic Party makes the correct moral and ethical decisions! Everyone is sitting on the sidelines watching what is happening in the Democratic Party and it will determine how America as a whole responds to Trump in the next election. Even die hard Republicans are sticking with Trump right now because they honestly believe they are saving our democracy from a socialist takeover. They are deceived, but that is irrelevant to the point. Once those fears are completely alleviated, and they know the Democratic Party has chosen a moderately centered candidate, many Republicans will most assuredly defect. The Democratic Party will have knocked over a major pillar holding up and sustaining the Trump lies. If elected, I will make sure that happens!

In 2020, the temptation will be great for Democrats to “sock it to the Republicans” one more time and pay the Republican leadership back for their abhorrent bulldozing the last two years, but that is NOT in America’s best interest. And if they do, they will most assuredly lose the high moral ground they currently hold at the moment, and this one-time unique opportunity they have to pull many Republican and Independent votes of rural America into Democratic territory will vanish as though it never existed, and I don’t believe this opportunity will ever appear again. It was a phantom that has become a reality at this “snapshot” of a moment, but will turn once again into a ghost of the past if not seized upon quickly. The Democratic Party is swinging toward the left and teetering on the edge right now and starting to sway in a direction of letting this opportunity go forever. Hopefully that turns around shortly.


If the wrong moves are made, the Democratic Party could completely squander this opportunity and could possibly end up giving the White House right back to Trump again. I believe that would be very devastating for this nation and the future of democracy worldwide, for Trump has already made it clear on the world stage what side he appears to lean toward as the autocratic leaders of the world are forming alliances in increasing numbers against democratic nations, and Trump appears to coddle them instead of our allies. There is a LOT at stake!

If there is even a thought of an easy Democratic win in 2020, it is vital to understand we can never count what appears to be a power hungry wannabe dictator fighting for his legal and political life out until he is truly OUT. Remember, New York State is beyond a Trump pardon and they are deeply involved in his investigation! In addition, it is clear the Mueller investigation has preserved evidence in a way that does not prevent future prosecutions. Trump is fighting for his legal life right now regardless of what things appear. We cannot count him out!

Trump will not pull any punches in the next two years, and in so many ways, he seems to have made it clear he does not care about the fate of our nation as he coddles Putin and other dictators while snubbing and alienating our long-standing allies over and over. At the same time, he seems to be taking out most of his racial animosities toward the important but minor issue of border security as though it were some nuclear catastrophe or economic meltdown when so many other things are more important right now.

He is doing many things that are not in the best interest of our nation right now, so if the Democratic Party fails to deliver in 2020, it would be a blunder spoken about for many, many years to come, for it is an almost “give-me” victory over Trump in the coming election if the Party follows the correct line of actions.

I’ll say it one more time, we must never underestimate Trump. Even if it looks like he could not possibly win at any moment because of what appears to be the dumbest of blunders, we should NOT underestimate him! It happened in 2016 and the whole world is suffering for it now. We must remember the advantage Trump has in this fight is that he seems to have completely proven that he does not care if his actions are detrimental or even destructive to this nation in order to save himself! Everyone else does care! That is a most important issue and we must never forget his vantage point if we are going to win.

As horrible as it is, if true, this is similar to the disadvantage our soldiers have when fighting suicide bombers. If we value life, but they don’t, we are at a terrible double-edged disadvantage and we must always be ready at every moment for blind-side destructive attacks that are against our own nature of being life-givers and helpers as opposed to destroyers. Therefore, we must strategize completely different if we are going to survive. They will cross lines we would never even think of crossing. We have to anticipate the “unthinkable” possibilities for not just their next move, but the increased possibilities of all their next moves simultaneously. Their options for attack have increased dramatically. They will use children, hospitals, or any good thing as cover for their destructive plans. They know no boundaries! 

I submit to you that Donald J. Trump is such a person who seems to have those types of characteristics as well. He may not have advanced to the stage of bombing hospitals yet, but he will support the brutal murder of an American journalist, coddle Putin who supports Assad, the one who bombed hospitals and gassed his own people. He does have it in his soul, America, and we should take note of this! He hasn’t reached that direct stage yet, but he will sociopathically direct the separation of families of innocent people! He won’t condemn racists who commit acts of violence! Does he not show characteristics of a future tyrant in the making? I go into much greater detail in a later chapter of this book, but for now, the point is: we must be vigilant and cannot take Trump for granted!  He appears to have NO boundaries.

We, therefore, have to think out of the box and treat this as though it is life and death for America. I propose to you that it is life and death right now for our democracy and we should treat it as such. We should not assume “business as usual” at this time in our nation’s history. It is possible we are approaching the volatility we had during the civil war. That is a very strong statement, but I absolutely believe it is true. The main difference that could put us over the edge and make us even more vulnerable right now, is the fact that nuclear and chemical weapons exist in ways that could destroy the entire planet, and the fact that Abraham Lincoln was President and was a true unifier, American Patriot, and a hero, means that stability existed at the top. He was not a destroyer like Wrecking Ball Trump! It seems the only thing President Lincoln and Trump have in common is that they have both been Presidents. Other than that, I see no similarities, which is very disturbing, given the vulnerability of our nation right now.

If we are going to have certain victory, we MUST be willing to open dialogue on “strange” concepts and ask difficult questions, like, for example, even if there is no conspiracy according to the Mueller report, why does Russia, one of our most assured adversaries, want Trump in power? What advantage does he offer them? And why does Trump appear to have such amazing affinity with Putin? Why does he literally melt in Putin’s presence? And does anyone really believe the BS Trump touted in his 2016 Campaign saying to the effect, “I think having a relationship with Putin is a good thing, not a bad thing.” as though it completely negates his coddling and “kissing up” to the autocrat? Why is he literally giving away the Southern hemisphere to Russian and now China’s presence by withdrawing monetary support to these nations?  I’m sorry for my graphic words here, but is he so stupid that he cannot see that Russia and China will fill those voids as soon as they possibly can? Or is he doing it on purpose and giving yet another gift directly to the Kremlin? And why is he creating an adversarial relationship with Mexico when Russian presence now resides just south of the Mexican border toward Central and South America? Why is he almost “bashing” the door open for autocratic nations to fill the voids and weaken democracies on our neighbors’ doorsteps? This begs answers. It begs answers at the voting booths, America, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or Independent!

As Americans, we must look at this and not shy away from the questions. And, by the way, these are NOT democrat questions. These are American Patriotic questions that must be asked. So what if the Democrats are the main ones asking the questions because the Trump Party (Republicans) are such cowards they refuse to ask them? So what? So what if Democrats played political games of the past that sickened Republicans? So what? We have an emergency right here, right now and, regardless of party, we should all open our eyes!

If we take clear notice, Trump doesn’t seem to like these type of interrogative questions, does he? Is that the way the President of a democracy is supposed to act? He doesn’t seem to like any interrogative type questions, as a matter of fact. But as American voters, we should all ask these questions.

And why the BS about his tax returns being under audit? Everyone knows he is hiding something. What exactly is he hiding? The pathological liar isn’t simply standing up for integrity and justice, we know that! He has no morals, so he isn’t standing up for America by keeping his tax returns shrouded in secrecy.

There is no conspiracy against Trump! He isn’t a poor victim or being somehow “persecuted for righteousness sake” here! Give me a break! Everything about Trump screams perpetrator, not victim! So, what about the tax returns? Does it have to do with Russia? Or other things? No one is wrong for asking these questions, and if the Democrats are the only ones trying to force it, good for them! Personally, I think these questions should be answered in the 2020 election by voting him decisively out of office permanently, and voting out ANY Republicans who helped block, obfuscate, and run cover for this disgusting Trump charade they seem to call a Presidency, especially Mitch McConnell and Devin Nunes! They have done nothing but continually blocked truth and supported lies and a move away from democracy toward an autocratic power grab.

But there’s more. In the last two years, Trump appears to have done absolutely NOTHING to focus on and prevent Russia from hacking our system in 2020. And, please forgive me for my egregious words, but it was completely foolish and downright moronic for Trump to have denied Russian attacks on the election! It was weak and pathetic. And, let’s just pretend he wasn’t coddling Putin (even though he was), and he simply doesn’t want to admit Russia played a part in his election win. If he is a fiduciary of our nation, who cares about what the hacking meant for him? The MOMENT he took office, it wasn’t about HIM anymore. Yet, he never seemed to get that. Like a true autocrat and dictator wannabe, he cannot separate government from himself… ever! My fellow American’s, some of whom are Trump supporters… it isn’t in Trump’s DNA to treat America like a democracy. He is literally incapable of the feat, seriously! And that alone ought to put pause in you if your are a Trump supporter.

So the hacking continues. I understand our agencies are still hard at work to stop election meddling, but Trump hasn’t personally sought to strengthen our election systems even slightly. How anti-American is that? And why? Looking at the darker side of things, this begs for an answer and continues to raise serious suspicions, regardless of the Mueller report. Does Trump want them to hack the 2020 election and affect the outcome if possible? Is that why he is hands off because he would indirectly accept their help again in 2020? I don’t know, but this is eerily suspicious in my opinion, especially since it is public knowledge Russia has enlisted rogue criminals to engage in nefarious activities against US interests, as documented on 60 Minutes April 21, 2019.

The only thing Trump has done regarding attempted Russian hacking is to obfuscate, punt, deny, and coddle Putin while the Kremlin and Putin simply denied it and kept aggressively working toward attacking our election system again in 2020, because that is what they do. If one does not stop the Kremlin from an attack, they will likely keep strengthening themselves and continue coming until they are stopped. This whole election denial remains dark and very suspicious.

And why is Trump so undeniably adamant to refuse statements that back our Intelligence community? How ridiculous and dangerous for our nation was it when Trump told reporters around July 17, 2018, “I have great confidence in my intelligence people, but I will tell you that President Putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today”? How pathetic and utterly disgraceful was that response? How anti-American was it?

Again, legally, whatever, right? It is clear no indictments will be coming federally against Trump while he is President. But politically and strategically, this dangerous and anti-American attitude from Trump basically means the Kremlin will now be an additional 4 years ahead of our defenses toward hacking our next election solely because of the denying, apathetic, weak leader we have in the White House right now.

Oh, and by the way, he happens to be the weakest leader who literally melts like butter around his seeming wannabe role model Putin, but the same weak person, as stated before, is literally gutting our federal security agencies piece by piece so he becomes the sole czar over them! Did you hear what Trump said about DHS days after firing the director? On or around April 10, 2019, Trump said of DHS, “there is only one person that’s running it. You know who that is? It’s me”.

Dangerous! And these incidents are just the tip of the iceberg of his constant and relentless assaults and bombardments on the rule of law and democracy in our nation.

So, if Trump’s denials of election hacking by Russia were purposeful instead of blunders, and he does have Russia’s help indirectly, then let’s be real America: we had better win the 2020 election by such a landslide that NO Russian hacking, and NO Russian meddling, no matter how grand of a scale it is, could possibly alter the results of the 2020 Presidential election. He MUST be removed from office and it must be a landslide victory or we could have a serious Constitutional crisis if Trump tries to fight the results, especially with his power-grabbing over the Department of Justice. I believe we are in far more treacherous waters than we really want to acknowledge, America!

We KNOW Trump is a sore loser. We all  get that. And we KNOW he fights to the death, but that is not the real issue. My concern is that he would just as soon start another civil war than to leave office peacefully. I know that is strong, but Trump has already possibly begun to explore that “nuclear” type option as he traverses the investigations and poll numbers. He has made innuendos in directions toward possible violence before the Mueller report came out, and has not condemned others who’ve made similar violent threatening statements about a civil war like Steve King in March of 2019. I believe he was testing the waters and preparing his base of supporters for that possibility by “throwing” it out there if he should come up on the losing end of any major battle. Again, and again, and again ….  Trump has brought our nation into very dangerous waters, my fellow Americans.

It is for these reasons the 2020 election should NOT be a close call. Perhaps you may think of me as an alarmist, but aren’t we already at the edge of a tipping point as far as the kind of boundaries we thought could never have been crossed by a President? At least that is the cautious and sober way I view situations like this. And, apparently Speaker Pelosi shared the exact same sentiment in a May 4, 2019 article in the New York Times. We don’t want to be paranoid, but I do not believe this is paranoia at all. I believe we  should take Trump’s public signals, his foreign affinities, and his overt statements about his frustration with the ways of democracy at face value, and we should also be aware, through his actions, of what he is capable of. We should take them very seriously and not pretend they don’t exist. Otherwise, it is as though we are sleeping through the Trump coup in our nation and the inevitable destruction of democracy worldwide. Is that what we want?


It is for these reasons alone I am considering running for President. Whether it happens to be myself or not who presses forward as the Democratic candidate, I believe I am the ideal “type” of candidate to defeat Trump decisively and cause a Democratic victory for America in 2020. I will explain throughout the rest of this book exactly why I believe this.

As a candidate, my ultimate loyalty is not to Democrats or Republicans, or Independents, but to the United States of America. I am not going to pretend to coddle all Democratic positions toward far-left socialism in order to gain votes. Americans will vote for me because I am truly the one who can defeat Trump and find the middle ground for America, or they won’t vote for me at all.  It is as simple as that! I intend to be loyal to America alone, but I believe the Democratic Party, as far left as they may be willing to sway to allow strong, progressive voices a say, is still the ONLY political party positioned right now who could potentially honor and respect that type of loyalty and become the true future political party of America! They have the opportunity to become true brokers of peace in this severely divided land. Republicans had that type of opportunity in the past, but that ship sailed long ago when they boarded the Trump “boat to nowhere”.

In order for this to happen, the Democratic Party must position themselves wisely, and there is still plenty of time as of the writing of this book to do so, even though the party recently began to swing far toward the left! I believe the will of the Democratic Party is there. I’ve heard Tom Perez speak early on, and I believe he gets it. I’ve seen political analysts such as Chuck Todd and others recognize exactly what the Democratic Party needs, so the only real question is if the party will make a shift back toward center like myself and others are suggesting, postpone (but not at all eradicate) far-left ideological extremes for now, and open the door to wholeheartedly work with moderate viewpoints on the core issues within our nation.

Can the Democratic party avoid an all-out left movement displayed by many newly elected, almost zealot-like members of Congress? The zeal is honorable, but the youthful wisdom is lacking at this time. Wisdom says, be progressive on well-picked individual issues, but don’t try to sway the entire party right now. Wisdom says to climb steps ONE at a time. Lunging the Party forward too far will over extend and ensure the “battle of a lifetime” in 2020. It is no sustainable strategy for the 2020 election and requires massive changes in the hearts of millions of Americans to succeed. In addition, it opens the Party to many vulnerabilities and Republican attacks, and a real possible defeat in 2020. Zeal creates temporary wins, but can never defeat the patience of true wisdom. That is what the Democratic Party needs right now: stable, calm, well-centered wisdom.

I believe the correct direction can happen. Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer are the right leaders to see the future and know what is needed. It is my belief they must work to have the Party postpone (for now) the young, democratic passions that will polarize the country and most assuredly ignite the Republican base to once again “fight to the death”. If that happens, Trump, as dumb as he appears sometimes, knows how to play that fiddle very well and could potentially pull a victory out of an almost certain defeat.

The Democratic party should not entertain that direction. It places 2020 in a very high-risk situation if they do. Instead, it is time for the Party to rise up and meet, no longer the Democratic challenge, but the American Patriotic challenge and, similarly, it is also time for some of us on the sidelines to rise and stand on the moral high ground against the wannabe dictator and become true peacemakers and true patriots in a nation full of strife and division. That is why I’m here right now. I’m here to represent the silent and soft-spoken vast majority of Americans who are not polarized far-left or far-right. The loudest voices always seem to be on the fringes and they always get the most “buzz”. I hope to change that and create a loud, stable voice, just left of center, so we move our nation to solid ground once again and stop the destructive swings that are hurting, if not killing, our democracy.

So in addition, this book represents a holistic strategy for the Democratic Party, that, if followed, could potentially put a nail in the coffin of Trump’s overreaching power thirst once and for all. And the beautiful thing about it: as open and notorious as Trump’s profane and blasphemous power grabs against our Constitution have been, this strategy is the same, but in an equal and opposite good way. It does not have to be some hidden secret. It is open and transparent for the entire world to observe. And even if Trump and the Republicans know all about it, they cannot stop it, nor could they slow it down, because they are in complete moral bankruptcy right now. They are counting on and “throwing a prayer” that the Democratic Party keeps going left, because it keeps the Trump Party alive another day. It is truly up to us. It is up to the Democratic Party. The outcome is completely in our hands, and no one else. We control the destiny of the 2020 election!


Because of their leader, renegade Trump, the party that once falsely but, with some credibility, touted being the “moral” conservative voice of America lies right now in near open ruin and shame. Their support of Trump has truly run them to the edge of a moral cliff and they have absolutely nowhere to go but to continue to the death in support of their reckless leader. If you don’t believe me, just look at Mitch McConnell and his pathetic, die-hard support of the wannabe dictator during the 2018 – 2019 Trump shutdown. He didn’t want that, but he stayed with obstinate Trump all the way to the very edge of the cliff! And that is where many Republicans remain right now. They are literally on the edge fighting for their political existence! Those who understood, like Senator Corker and Senator Flake, saw the danger and got out. They knew they were on the edge and had the foresight and moral conscience to realize it early and exit the Trump coup of the Party. The others weren’t so fortunate and will be left as simple casualties of Toxic Trump’s war on decency and honor.

But one of the real problems with being on the edge and fighting for dear life is that those in such a position eventually lose sight of the higher moral causes they once fought for. Trump, methodically and systematically, through endless fighting and bickering about big things, little things, everything, has, in an almost hypnotic way, appeared to have mesmerized his base and hijacked the Republican leadership as a whole. As a result, he pulled those loyal to either himself or the Republican leadership down into the most debased moral place one could take a group of people, even to despicable places like mocking disability, war heroes, African, Caribbean, and Latino nations, and even mocking victims of sexual assault (see Chapter 10 on Me Too). And now, many of them are simply fighting. They don’t really know what they are fighting for anymore. They simply fight for whatever their leader tells them to. It is eerie if one thinks about it, on the border of cult-like. And this is exactly why the Democratic Party MUST step up and take the high moral ground right now, not for the party, but for our nation!  They must avoid the swing to far-left. The Trump cult literally feeds off of every extreme left direction! We cannot give them that food!

The Republicans are following Trump wherever he goes now, even if it ends in the destruction of America! Of course, not a soul who supports Trump would EVER say that. They are under the delusion they are saving America. As low as they have morally become, they don’t even realize they all but gave the keys of the White House directly to the Kremlin, as evidenced by Trump coddling Putin and doing the most “bizarre” compromising things with Russia, but, in their mind, they are still “saving America”. He has them focused on a freaking wall when so many other things are more important right now! That is how bad it really is. That is what cults do. They get everyone majoring on minors. They couldn’t be more deceived and in denial of the truth. Sure, we need border security, but really??

20/20 VISION

And so… this leaves tremendous room and opportunity for the Democratic Party right now. There are many people who voted for Trump in 2016 who regret their actions or they wish they had a different option available in 2020 and they wouldn’t hesitate for a moment to jump over the line into Democratic territory if they could just back someone who wasn’t too far left.

The Democratic Party, right now, has the opportunity available to deliver an amazing olive branch to millions of moderate Republicans, one that allows them to save face and vote for a Democrat with some conservative views in the midst of no other option but to support Trump as their candidate in 2020 once again. But that will require very serious sacrifice from many of those in the range from middle-left to far-left Democrats not wanting to move toward the center. They must sacrifice for a season. And it will also require some patience, and realistic pragmatism as well.

One principal of life that is easy to miss, but I believe is vital here: sometimes going backward is actually going forward. There are times when the cogs of the wheels start grinding against each other because timing gets messed up, and the only thing needed is to just stop, reverse a couple of cogs, add some oil, line them up again, and Boom! Ready to roll out better and faster than before.

And Isn’t that the case right now with the severe polarization in our society? To fix the problem, the Democratic Party can be the first to give a little in ideological purity and take one step back. Just because the middle-left to far-left range of Democrats sacrifice some of their ideologies for the sake of the 2020 election, it doesn’t mean our nation will never move to where they want it. In fact, by the sacrifice itself, it will most certainly move our entire nation toward the left while eradicating much of the destructive polarization and, at the same time, picking up millions of Democratic votes, quite possibly in a permanent way. So, instead of a quick, revolutionary move like many want toward socialism, the slower, smoother direction offers a much healthier and a more gradual, safe move for the entire nation.

Not everything has to be a war. Not everything has to be polarizing forces fighting to the death. “Game of Thrones” is great entertainment, but that is what it is! Entertainment! Even in the whispers surrounding the final season release of Game of Thrones, there are rumors the various groups will have to sacrifice all in order to work together to defeat the ultimate non-human rival. Is it possible we’ve reached such a place in our nation? Will the Democratic Party step up to the plate and answer the call of humanity against the inhumane monster in the making right now?

This is the dramatic world of Trumpland, a world Trump has created to foster his own evil ideologies, and if the Democratic Party answers the Trump polarization with a far-left equally polarizing battle, no matter what the candidates “say” about peace and unification, their arguments are weak and they are still playing on Trump’s home turf and he has the absolute home court advantage over the game, because he is simply better at it than they are. That is the truth … and the risk, at this time, could be our entire democracy! Do we really want a Putin-like America where Trump is the autocrat who is above the law because he was able to destroy every semblance of real democracy? I don’t! Speaker Pelosi, on 60 minutes (April 14, 2019), astutely stated that our democracy can survive Trump, but she wisely made the after-statement “I don’t think for two terms, though”. She literally echoed every concern I personally have about the state of our nation right now.

But there is a very clear pathway to victory. Isn’t it time for America to rest for a season from utter disarray? We need a rest from chaos, and many on the far-left and middle-left can enter into that rest as well for a season so our nation can heal and regroup once again. True healing can begin before the next election. It can begin for many of you the moment you read this and breathe a sigh of relief, knowing there is an option that will naturally occur instead of a war on Trump’s turf of polarization. We can relax and safely win. Trump cannot defeat this. It is impossible! He will try… and he will lose. It is that simple.

The far-left and middle-left will get their Democratic win. If the party and those with the most zeal to move left toward socialism can be convinced to take it back one step and pause for 2020, Trump will almost certainly face defeat. Then, we can regroup and see where we are at as a nation, and if far left is the eventual place, then so be it. Let’s just relax and chill for a time and enjoy the journey, America. If it isn’t far left where we belong, we’ll find out soon enough, and we can enjoy the journey to that spot as well.

I know there are a lot of Americans suffering right now, and many on the far-left would argue I’m glossing over them by my flippant statements. I’m not. I’m speaking in a general sense. We have a LOT to do to equalize the divisive rifts permeating our society. We’ll get there. We’ll roll up our sleeves on Day ONE! But we can’t begin if we never get to see that day. Relaxing our spirits in America is the first step. Winning the election is the second step. And the final step….  rolling up our sleeves.. We have a lot of work to do, and wisdom says, let’s do it, but ONE step at a time!

Isn’t this a far better and less stressful option for the Democratic Party than rolling the dice and hoping for a win in the battleground states? How miserable has that been, starting in 2000 with Al Gore’s defeat? President Obama was the only one who couldn’t be beat. He was way ahead in both elections! That won’t happen in 2020 with a far-left socialistic swing, but it most assuredly will occur with a strong voice just left of center!

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

And here is a novel thought for many on the far-left who crave a revolutionary-type change, a thought to end this first chapter: what kind of revolution would it be if the Democrats turned almost every single state BLUE for the Presidential run in 2020 and carried Democrats in both the House and Senate? Wouldn’t THAT be a revolution in and of itself? Sometimes going backwards IS actually going forward! Sometimes we are looking for the answer at the front door and it shows up at the backdoor. Couldn’t this be the case here? I believe such a revolution can happen if the advice in this book or other similar viewpoints presented by others is followed. Call me a visionary, but I fully believe it! We have the opportunity of a lifetime before us, Team America! And that is my goal: To help America and the Democratic Party regain 20/20 vision for the upcoming 2020 election!