7. I’m So Sorry ….


Seriously, what individual never apologizes to anyone for anything? That is utterly abhorrent… and completely ridiculous! The only ones I can think of are those who desire to be bronzed and named a god or goddess by those they think they hold dominion over, or, in other words, an authoritarian wannabe dictator.

In the real world of governing that cares about the one’s a person serves, apologies are necessary. Contrary to the truth, lack of apology shows complete weakness and denial of one’s own shortcomings. It is a pathetic way to live, and such a person is quite miserable to live with. I can’t imagine what those poor souls must feel living in or near the White House and working for what appears to be the “king of stubbornness and no apology”. Being sorry when wrong shows humility, power, and strength! It builds trust in those one serves.

If I eventually declare candidacy and am elected President, it will not be perfect, but I promise you it will be professional. When I’m wrong in a decision or course of action and it is necessary, I will apologize to the nation publicly and transparently. I will not hesitate in the slightest. We all make mistakes. The thing that separates the winners in life from the losers is the ability to correct quickly and apologize as often as necessary. That is how I see the world.

In balance, I won’t be some weak wimpy leader who is constantly apologizing for everything. That is seriously out of balance in the other direction. There is too much work to do in this nation than to go that route. I am simply stating that if I’m President, you should see such night and day contrast between the new Administration and what appears to be the crazy world of Trumpland! You should notice this difference immediately, America, because frankly, as Trump seemed to unsuccessfully try to stamp out Obama from American history, I declare up front, that I will do far more so regarding Trump and his negative affect on this Great Nation, but understand, I will not do so for any spite whatsoever. I will not do so for narcissism, jealousy, rage, or envy, nor will I try to undo some good policy decisions Trump has implemented just because they have his name stamped on them. But I will declare war on ALL of his seeming divisive, arrogant, racist, misogamist spirits because we should eradicate this attitude from our nation and it must, in this case, begin at the very top. We need an attitude makeover and I intend to be a very strong force to lead our nation toward humility and away from arrogance.

To accomplish this, the words “I’m sorry” are necessary and you will hear it from me when applicable, and not just when I’m “caught” either. Seriously, what good is that? It shows no moral character.

Oh, and one thing: When you are good, you don’t need to tell everyone how great you are. The rest of the world is sick and tired of America arrogantly touting it is the greatest nation in the world! You will not hear it in any of my speeches. You will not hear it in the State of the Union address. Goodness and greatness never need mentioning in a comparison against others. It is okay to call us a Great Nation, but the greatest nation in the world? Maybe we are and maybe we aren’t. Who are we to judge that? It is far above our pay grade to make such arrogant statements. If we are a Great Nation, people just know. What we have done over several decades is ridiculous and doesn’t help our foreign relations with other nations by our constant touting how much better we are as a nation than all the others. History shows what we are and have been. We’ve done good and we’ve done some bad. Let’s just be honest and transparent… and humble. America can silently rejoice at any example to the world that is worthy of praise rather than tout how great we are. Let’s put on a cloak of humility and restore trust and honor with the rest of the world. We owe it to our allies, especially after the embarrassment the present Administration has caused and what appears to be a fiasco of foreign policy destruction and arrogant “taunting”.


First on the list of apologies: NATO allies and all our European friends Trump, representing the United States, has so disrespected! It is abhorrent that Trump would seemingly side with autocratic and dictatorial nations above our allies. That will change on Day ONE of my Administration, should intelligence reports confirm what appears obvious in the news media.

Second apology I will make: Mexico. The audacity for Trump to tout and create childish crowd chants that Mexico will pay for a wall during his campaign blah blah is just about unspeakable. He called Mexico out in his campaign rallies explicitly as though he really understands how to work with them. Then, like a disgusting bully, tells them what they are going to do as though they aren’t their own sovereign nation, but simply a lesser pawn of America. That appears unbelievably absurd, and that horrible image created by Trump toward Mexico will change on day ONE! Not only was it a total embarrassment between us and Mexico, it was an embarrassment to the rest of the world!

Third apology: The nations in Africa, Haiti, and El Salvador referred to by Trump, as shithole nations. They deserve our deepest apologies for that disgusting disrespect from our apparent racist, sociopathic President. It is unheard of that he spoke that in public or private, and it is utterly unheard of that, as far as I have heard or seen, has yet to apologize for that filth! Unbelievable! They will get an American apology quickly if I become President. They deserve it! ALL nations should be treated with dignity and respect, and I will do it! This just shows what a filthy elitist spirit emanates directly from the current Administration in the White House. We need to remove that cesspool and bottom-feeding spirit from our nation, for this is utterly abhorrent!

Fourth apology: The many Mexican families Trump separated at the border. We will do our best to make it right and If I am elected President, there will be a most sincere apology given to those families for the trouble they endured, whether or not they tried to cross the border and enter our land through a port of entry, or over a barrier not considered a port. America should be a classy nation that treats all with respect and honor. We will do that once again! People should be presumed innocent until proven guilty, and we should presume those attempting to cross the border “however they do it” are crossing to escape economic or political hardship, not presume them to be gangs, drug lords, or terrorists when clear data shows otherwise. To oppose such is to oppose the very nature of our rule of law which presumes innocence without immediate judgment. This is a deeply rooted issue in our heart that needs changing.

Fifth apology: I would need to look at real facts regarding Hurricane Maria and how the Federal Government responded. If an apology is needed, I will deliver that, and I will make sure Puerto Rico receives the assistance and financial aid they need for the emergency that occurred. Again, I do not know the details, but I will find out if elected, and if there is something neglected from the Trump Administration, I will make it right. America does NOT shoot its wounded, and whatever happened in Puerto Rico that was wrong… it will be made right. From my perspective, it appeared the President and his Administration gave ugly and disrespectful responses to the Mayor and recently (end of March, 2019) to the Governor that appeared to be so unprofessional and downright appalling! I will find out and do my best to right any wrongs done.

Sixth Apology: Those firefighters on the ground and in administrative positions in California who had to endure Trump’s little Twitter attacks on them while fighting the fires! The guy couldn’t even wait until the fires died down. He had to attack them and demoralize them in the middle of the fight. What a despicable thing! If this action of Trump was compared to a coach during a baseball or basketball game where he demoralized the players in front of the crowd while everyone was watching, he would be considered by everyone as the “coach straight from hell”! But somehow, as the President, it’s okay. NO, IT’S NOT! It is disgusting, demoralizing, and they will get a FEDERAL apology from their President if I become a candidate and am eventually elected! If Trump’s Tweets about what he wanted changed had an ounce of truth for preventing future fires, I’ll discuss it with them, but not in the middle of a disaster! It was completely inappropriate. And I will ask them nicely if Trump’s issues had any merit. I won’t reject what the President’s issue was. I’ll ask experts and those who know the truth. We’ll work it out peacefully. We don’t have to be assholes about it. That is no way to lead a country. It is simply pathetic. No other words can describe what an embarrassment he represents. The wannabe emperor truly has no clothes… and no shame.

I am positive there are more, but let’s end it there for now. Humility triumphs over arrogance. Pride is the pathway toward destruction. It is NO shame whatsoever to apologize and I adamantly oppose any candidate or President who is too arrogant to offer apologies. Sometimes apologies are overboard. I’ve had to learn over the years where and when it was appropriate and how sometimes, the most well-meaning apology can backfire in the most unforeseen ways. Sometimes it is wiser to let things go without a word, even if a person has wronged another. There is such a time. But, for the most part, I’d rather error on the side of humility and deal with other’s accusations and misuses than to error on arrogance any day.

There is an ancient saying: “only by pride comes contention”. I’ve embedded that saying as a literal cornerstone for my life and my personal relationships. When I see contention between two people, three people, or an entire nation, one never needs to ask, what caused it? If the ancient saying happens to be true, there is ONE culprit: pride and pride alone. And it makes sense. Divisions and contentions mean people aren’t willing to come to the table and attempt to see from another’s point of view. It also means people are too proud and judgmental to consider sacrifice and change. It is a weak and pathetic way to live. That is the world of standoffs and “no apologies”. It is the world of autocrats and dictators. It is a horrible and miserable world, a world of chaos and destruction! And that is the world of Trumpland!

Unfortunately, Republicans and Democrats caught this disease decades ago and are now bedridden with it. That is why an arrogant soul like Trump has supporters, some of who are NOT arrogant, because he emanates what Congress has been doing for decades and simply does it better than they do. People can’t tell the difference, so they side with the obvious winner. Guess what? Trump is a winner! He wins at arrogance and pride, every time! And he will keep winning unless there is a change in hearts before the next election!

A change must occur. And that change must come from within all political parties and ideologies. This is why our nation is stagnant and on a spiral downward and why people are fed up with the White House, Congress, and now the Supreme Court. That is why we are volatile and why our democracy is in serious jeopardy, and why someone like Trump is but an election away from literally strangling our democracy to its final death.

I hope and pray 20/20 Vision for the 2020 Election causes Americans to morally see what they need to do to move us back on track toward humility, honor, respect, and true riches, which has nothing to do with money, the economy, or wealth, but rather integrity. Money without integrity is where the bottom feeders of society live. Trump has attempted to turn our nation into a gutter nation. He touts “economy economy” as his default go-to…  (well, when he isn’t starting social wars and attacking people), but that is simply a ONE pronged approach and has nothing to do with America’s true DNA.

Integrity is what America is truly about! The economy is important, and any President can carry forward what President Obama started and Trump continued, and if I declare candidacy and am elected, I would do the same. But we cannot simply snap our fingers and cause lost integrity to reappear. THAT takes a very focused, concerted, pure and humble effort, one for which Trump is incapable. If elected, I would be a strong force toward making that happen! That would be a future promise if this book goes viral, and we enter the next “step” in our relationship, America. I am ready if you are. Just give me the word, show me the sign that you hear what I’m saying and are on board with the message, and I’ll personally introduce myself to you.