Civil Rights, Racism, Bigotry, and Prejudice

I believe it is important for those who support a President like Trump to understand what they are standing for at a racial level and why this is dividing our nation in such a destructive way.

I don’t have pages or time to cover everything I feel about this topic. Some of these issues could encompass books, not just a few paragraphs, and there are many better authors than myself. My intent below is to let you know what my general “spirit” is about racism, bigotry, and prejudice. If I miss a point dear to your heart, it is completely unintentional. If I declare a candidacy and a campaign begins, I intend to hit the road and hear your stories so I can deepen my feelings of hatred toward this atrocity in our nation! And YES! I am absolutely, one hundred percent biased against racism, especially any racism that declares a particular race is fundamentally better than another. In general, I’m an open-minded person, but I am NOT open minded about this. It is disgusting and repulsive to me!

Difference between a group like Black Lives Matter, Black Nationalists,  and White Supremacists, White Nationalists

Before talking about the real issue of racism, it is very clear there is a growing movement of normal, non-racist, white Americans who feel like the pendulum in our nation has swung in favoritism toward non-white racial ethnicities to such a degree that those of white colored skin are somehow left out, mostly in the area of jobs, economic, and educational direction. It is important for everyone to understand there is truth to this. To deny such is stubbornness. We don’t solve problems being in willful denial. Truth sets us free.

It is important to understand that good lies almost always start with cornerstones of truth, and that is exactly what Trump has done. I just want to say that in other topics I’ll discuss the economic equity issue and this particular pendulum in more detail. For now, the focus is racism, bigotry, and prejudice only, so there is no sympathy here for any pendulum that has swung against the white race.

It is my belief that Trump took complete advantage of the above  feelings from primarily white, middle-class men, and instead of helping them see the difference in forms of racial inequities, he instead capitalized on this vulnerability and used the cracks of division to break it open and push for full scale open racism and hatred to skyrocket in America again. He fed the flames of the racial divide! Not that it wasn’t brewing before, but he did the opposite of what a good President or candidate for President should ever do. This was opportunistic and terrible for our nation! It is what I believe a “bottom-feeder” of society would do and it exposes the complete hypocrisy of the “America First” slogan.

There is a very simple explanation, but one I believe needs to be stated because many white Americans are believing that all racism is the same so why not allow White Nationalists a platform since we allow the others a voice? Here is the simple explanation. When Black Lives Matter, Black Nationalists etc. meet together or sometimes protest, in general, they are generally not ever stating that the white race is inferior, that their heritage, culture, and even their DNA is below the black race at all. They are focused on civil matters in society. Their desire is to change inequity and to expose injustice. You may agree or disagree with them and voice those feelings, but if you happen to be white, they are not directly attacking you as a human being. They are not spreading pure hatred toward a race. Any who do spread pure hatred are completely wrong and vile in my opinion because they are targeting innocent people, but as a whole, they are spreading that hatred with the motive of ending oppression, not declaring superiority.

White supremacists are different. White supremacists believe the DNA of other races is inferior to the DNA of a white person. This is a core to core assault against other races. They are attacking people of other colors directly, at the fabric of their being, calling them racially charged words and meaning it in a way that shows their belief that other races are, at the core of their being, inferior human beings to their own white race. This is one of the purest forms of hate based upon a completely false delusion of racial narcissism and superiority.

Here is an example: Even though it is wrong, if a black person calls a white person a “cracker”, that is derogatory and shows a disdain for the white race. It is prejudice, but under most circumstances, it is not demoralizing to the core of a white person. But when a white person calls a black person any number of racial slurs, they potentially attacking the very core of their being because most of those slurs have a deep history and meaning of not just the false feelings of white superiority, but forceable, oppressive actions taken by a once twisted white dominated society against that entire race that physically placed them at inferior levels of that society. Because residuals of that oppression still exist in society today, the wounds are still very raw. That is why white supremacy is so repulsive to society as a whole, and should remain that way forever.

If I become a candidate and am elected, my Administration will oppose any attempt to damage or destroy laws that were enacted as a result of the Civil Rights movement. The atrocities of slavery against any human beings is a blot on this Great Nation’s history and should be forever remembered as such. The Civil Rights movement was one of many steps to right some of the horrible wrongs done by those deluded people who believe one race is better than another.

There is clearly more work to be done in this area, a LOT more work, given the fact we seem to have a racist President in the White House who has a solid base of supporters regardless of his pathetic and disgusting ideologies. It sounds like many are willing to let him separate families of differing ethnicities at the border while never once issuing a heart-felt condemnation for the actions of despicable White Supremacists and Nationalists, and apparently, he doesn’t seem to lose votes from his loyal subjects. From this indication alone, we have a REAL problem and more work needs to be done in our nation!

On a Side note, seemingly Racist Trump looked like an emotionless robot when he was ‘forced’ a few times by society to condemn racial acts condemned by most of America. How despicable is that?  Let’s look at that for a moment. Trump needs no teleprompter when he speaks from his heart about anything. He never needs some help in “drumming” up words and bellowing out his sordid negative opinions about people he hates. It flows like a sewer whenever he wants! In addition, we absolutely know for certain Trump is all about appearance. He is adamant he looks GOOD always, he is meticulous about looks, and when he doesn’t, heads will roll. So, when it comes to condemning white supremacists, why in the world would Trump need a teleprompter?

Isn’t that fact, in and of itself, a purposeful, willful message from his heart to those who are racists and not to the victims? I suspect it is: It appears to be a message from his heart directly to every white supremacist, “I’m with you. This is NOT sincere. I’m doing this because it is the politically correct thing and I’m being forced to do it, but my heart is far from my lips right now”.

Isn’t that the message Trump is really sending to the world? His actions speak so loud, not a soul in the world hears a word he says concerning condemnation of racists…. Except the racists. They hear him loud and clear! Its like a dog whistle for them to keep the action going, as inwardly he supports it because it feeds his cause, if not for his racist views, then it feeds his political strategy of conquering by division.

If candidacy is declared and I am elected, I will fight to protect this nation from further racial alienation and discrimination caused by the Trump Administration. I will seek to build bridges between cultures where roots of racism go back further in history than the Trump era. I will also look for people to place in my administration who are passionate about solving these problems in a permanent way, and we will work hard to push racism, bigotry, and prejudice into oblivion as much as our Constitution allows.

If I become a future candidate, am elected, and I find anyone in my Administration, or there is any evidence that anyone within my reach of authority is racist, they are gone, period! They are fired! I will not tolerate it at all in my Administration if elected. I will certainly have a form of “innocent until proven guilty” spirit in my Administration, but on racism, it is a tight rope, and everyone better walk it, plain and simple, and they had better avoid even the appearance of racism, or they are gone. I will not allow “edgy” behavior that almost looks like a “duck”, but one cannot pinpoint it. We will have a tolerant Administration free from judgmental attitudes, not just about race, but about all the areas needing tolerance and acceptance, including the LGBTQ community and people of various religious views I’ve mentioned in this book. We are going to get things done because we are a Team working together, not dividing one another.

In addition, I will work to make racial prejudice such a societal taboo, that, short of violating free speech protected by our Constitution, those voices who continue to harbor the belief of racial supremacy will be minimized to the smallest of groups if I have a say so. I would not hesitate for a moment to use any authority and power granted to me or implied to accomplish this so long as it does not violate the Constitution, disrupt our nation in a destructive way, or overreach power granted to the President! It is atrocious that things like bigotry, hatred, racism, prejudice still exist in this Great Nation. It has no place here, and should be expelled altogether in my opinion.

Out of the box initiatives

If I eventually declare candidacy and am elected President, I may come up with some “out of the box” concepts as well to promote tolerance and acceptance in America. Off the top of my head (literally), I could see possibly having two additional nationally televised programs, in addition to the State of the Union, maybe once a year called, “Just for Kids”, and “Just for Teens” where myself, my Vice President (if she accepts), and others could speak and build a talking platform with age groups of children and teens, perhaps creating a show around trying to encourage our nation against bullying, racism, homophobia, mocking, suicide, drugs, promoting religious tolerance and various other hot topics that would be age appropriate.

My thinking is this: if a President can have a special address to the nation on a whim to feed carnivorous meat to his base of supporters and tout a divisive border wall (Around January 8, 2019), why can’t a President address the nation and have it be toward children or toward teenagers for the purpose of unifying our Great Nation from grade school on up? It would be open and transparent for all. It would not be partisan, so why not? President Bush, on the morning of 9/11, was reading to grade school kids in an elementary school in Florida, so why couldn’t we do the same once in awhile to the entire nation of children or teens? We could put together amazing programs that could touch the hearts of many lives while entertaining them at the same time.

Instead of having some dumb military parade (no disrespect intended to the US military, only the concept of a parade showing off weapons of destruction) like the wannabe wants because he is apparently envious of his dictator and autocratic friends in North Korea and Russia who have them, we could do something actually productive for our society. Celebrities are doing it here and there, there is no reason why we could not have an official White House version of the same, once a year perhaps, and invite celebrities to participate and contribute. It would be like three separate “State of the Union” addresses: one for adults (the real one), one for teens, and one for children. Why not? Or we could have it twice a year, once around the 4th of July as well. Just a few thoughts and ideas that may or may not happen if I eventually declare candidacy and am elected, but I toss it out there right now as food for thought.

What’s really cool, I just read this morning (April 30, 2019) that President and First Lady Obama are working on producing streaming programs for children right in this direction. That is awesome! I believe the cancer of racism in society should be hit from both the top down and the bottom up. I completely applaud what they are doing.

Police Brutality

Relating to police brutality that appears to be racially motivated, If I were to be elected, I would not stand by law enforcement in situations that clear evidence points toward racially charged aggression from law enforcement toward an individual or group. I believe in law and order, and that must have a very high priority, but I would not put blanket support on police departments if it is possible racial injustice is occurring from law enforcement. I do not believe in glossing over injustice inside government authority. I would demand investigations and I would seek to weed out all racism from law enforcement anywhere it comes to my attention. I promise you that! For any conservatives who may want to hone in on the above statement and attack me, let me be clear: I’m not saying I want mayhem in the streets. I’m simply saying I am very aware there are still some inside law enforcement who never got the memo that racism is OUT! Tolerance is in!

The rule of law is paramount, but it is a disgrace and a shame on this nation when groups of people belonging to a race, nationality, religion, or community, have fear of approaching law enforcement. I remember approximately 2 years ago reading about a Facebook post by a police officer in Georgia after pulling over an African American for texting. The man was terrified. Having his hands up, he asked the police officer what he wanted him to do. The officer saw how terrified he was, and instead of writing him a ticket, he basically told him in a concerned way that he wanted him to stop texting so he could stay alive and see his children grow up. He wanted him to live and have a happy life.”  I’m paraphrasing here. I recommend finding the story online, it is very heart touching and a message we need to hear concerning racism in this nation and the problems it has caused.

People want to blame liberal news media for ballooning stories. I’m sorry, but that is NOT the problem. Maybe news media sometimes ignites fires here and there that should be left smoldering, granted, but racism is alive and well in this nation right now, and needs to be removed. Well, let’s be real. It won’t ever be removed, but we can “push” it into the gutters where it belongs. If I declare candidacy and were to be elected President, by the end of my one and only term, it is my hope the roots of racism, which Trump is only a symptom of, can be all but eradicated from this Great Land and in the future, apparent racist people like our current President seem to be, will never again get a platform of hearers when trying to inject themselves into our government!

A message to Bigots, Racists, and those who are Prejudice

Please understand that in the following paragraphs, I get very graphic and strong. I am NOT saying that everyone who supports Trump is racist. Please don’t mistake what I say! I understand there are many, many who support Trump who are NOT racist at all. Many of you are fantastic people and simply agree with his policies, but despise his attitude! I get that. The following strong words are NOT for you even slightly. They are only for a very specific select group who are racists and try to propagate their disgusting cancerous filth to others.

While Trump is only a symptom of the deeper problem of racism, prejudice, and bigotry, him being in the White House has caused some who are racists, what I consider slime and sludge of society, the bottom feeders, to slither their way toward the top where it is visible to others now. This is pathetic! As of today, for example (February, 2019), it became evident an article appeared in an Alabama local newspaper recently entitled “It is time for the KKK to ride again”. Other open racists are spewing out their filth on college campuses and around the nation in increasing numbers. What do we hear from the White House? Crickets. That is simply repulsive!

If you are a racist, I have one preliminary question for you before I start shooting at your destructive ideology: did someone from a particular race hurt you or your loved one(s) and therefore you generalized and harbor this resentment toward an entire class of people? Was it racially motivated violence? If something like that has happened to you, I am very sorry to hear that, and I mean that sincerely! This is a political book that needs to move quickly from point to point, it isn’t a counseling book, but please understand, if I had time, which I probably never will, as wrong as I believe you are, your hurt and pain needs to be heard in the process of your healing. But I must continue…

Now I ask you: who are you to desecrate the memory of your loved one by taking up a cause against, not the perpetrator, but the perpetrator’s race? Who are you to cast judgment over millions of people and do disservice to your loved one? You have no right. If your loved one was innocently hurt, you are neglecting your loved one’s memory by multiplying the perpetrator’s memory of evil and are hurting other innocent people who you don’t even know! What gives you that right to spread the perpetrator’s cancerous disease of hate to other innocent victims? What gives you the right to cast judgment on them? For you, I urge you to overcome this evil and learn to love and tolerate all of us belonging to the human race! We are ONE race of many diverse cultures and beliefs.

For the rest of you who simple believe your race is superior, those of you with this kind of vile hatred in your heart, apparently, you never got the memo: racism and prejudice isn’t the way of the future, neither here nor any other free society in the world! Your bigoted, disgusting rhetoric is not, nor ever will be, the norm of this society, and it is time for you to change or go back to being a bottom feeder of society and stay there. You’ve been out of your hole long enough! Race and color have long been legally protected classes of people, and that will never change. So, deal with it and stop your racism, bigotry, and prejudice. You who harbor anger and hatred toward others’ races are hurting your country and becoming a force of destruction against this Great Nation!

In case you missed THIS memo, have you never been taught that this land was first inhabited by Native Americans until white Europeans encroached upon them and took it out from under them? Or does your arrogance somehow think your feelings of superiority over others gives you the right to encroach at will? Your racist delusions and arrogance are bewildering! Many of you are against entitlements, yet you harbor greater entitlement than all the others. Hypocrites!

Those of you who are racists and happen to support Trump and his slogan, “Make America Great Again”: Yeah, right, hypocrites! You represent one of the greatest and most long-standing lethal forces tearing this nation apart in our history. Rethink your values. Stop your weak racist and prejudicial garbage and get on the real American Train of tolerance, respect, honor, and dignity for all our American Family. We are ONE family! We who are not racist or prejudice don’t particularly like you! But we still tolerate you and give you the right to free speech to vomit out your hatred and division, but we WILL stop you from infecting our children with your filth! So, take your foolish beliefs back to the hole where you belong until you learn to love your fellow human beings, who are created equal to yourselves and in the very image of God, you weak, pathetic morons!

Again, I KNOW these are strong words and are meant for a very select group of people who ARE racist. Most of you reading this are not. The vast majority of you do not fit into this category even if you wholeheartedly support Trump! Please, please understand the distinction and don’t take my strong words as condemning everyone who supports Trump. I want you, America, to know how I feel about those who have this horrible hatred in their heart for other human beings because of the color of their skin. And I want you, America, to know EXACTLY how I feel about Trump allowing and even injecting this cancerous tumor into the heart and soul of America. It is repulsive and disgusting to me and I will be a strong warrior against this evil, divisive spirit in our nation if elected President.

Something good is happening

Let me finish on what I believe is a very positive note. Something very good is occurring at the grassroots of our society. It is a force that Trump’s cesspool of racism cannot seem to penetrate at this juncture of our history so long as he is not reelected. I’ve noticed that amongst current grade school and high school kids, all the racial slurs that were such deep cuts in anyone of an older generation, have taken on new, very light hearted meaning. What has been deeply offensive for an older generation is now light hearted gestures.

This could be looked at as either good or bad depending on the lenses one chooses. One could say, the kids are losing their understanding of the historical significance, so this is bad. But in another perspective, one could say that ALL kids understand far better than adults that ALL humans are equal, so the racial slurs have no significant meaning any longer and are, therefore, no longer offensive. If the latter is the case, this is a GIANT natural, indirect leap toward the future of stamping out the vast majority of racial divisions in our nation. In one sense, in many schools and areas, students are completely color blind now. This is fantastic!

I personally believe several things have contributed to this. I think the long haul approach of tolerance in education is now paying real dividends. Also, TV media, and entertainment shows, which are almost always very inclusive now, have partially contributed to color blindness as well. In addition, I believe the LGBTQ emergence get significant credit because it may have indirectly taken focus off race as the only main discriminatory issue in society. In a way, it helped to get us socially “unstuck” in regard to racism. Metaphorically, LGBTQ discrimination is similar in type to racial discrimination, and people who were held up on racial prejudices of the past were perhaps able to overcome some racial barriers through the LGBTQ similarities they could not deny. Another contribution… I know some people don’t like much of the strong language, but hip-hop music has permeated our young culture and could have led to some very real and fantastic color blindness in our society. Personally, I believe it has.

Last, but not least, I LOVE the fact the Obama’s won the elections of 2008 and 2012! I believe their victory symbolized a new day in our nation’s history, especially in children who were emerging as teens during the Obama Administration. I hope the Obama’s fully understand their true and wonderful significance in our nation’s history. They must. How can they miss it! We should ALL be grateful to them for being willing to represent the real symbolism of “YES WE CAN!”. Thank you for your amazing service to our nation!

I’m not claiming some sociological expertise in this little section, but just throwing some things out there I believe are good things. Not everything has to be negative, and I don’t think Trump’s cesspool of hate  is succeeding in penetrating our new generation of society (and voters). As long as we stop the flow of sewage this election, we can reverse this garbage and pave the way for our fantastic youth arising as a new dawn. I want to be a part of paving that way! Don’t you?

The above section is written in the form of an assumption that on some future date, I will have declared a candidacy for President and will have won the 2020 election. I have not declared any candidacy for President yet.