Conspiracy Theories

“Normal” Conspiracy Theories

For many years, all kinds of conspiracy theories have sprung up. Movies and TV series build their entire plots off of secret societies and shadow governments that somehow pull the strings of key players in government either because they are a willing participant, are threatened, or are being blackmailed into compliance etc. This list goes on as far as the mind can imagine and there is no end to the creativity.

I spent considerable time studying some of the deepest of conspiracy theories in the mid 1990’s. At the time, I was aware of people who were the purported so-called players in that realm. At this time in my life, and for the purpose of good governance of our nation, I take the following stand: Whether or not any of these so-called entities exist, I could not care less. If there is a secret “Illuminati” still in existence, and there is a more secret elite group deeper in the darkness than that, I couldn’t care less. It isn’t my concern. If I am elected President of the United States, they will have no direct influence on me or the decisions I would personally make for our nation. If there are groups that exist which pull other people’s strings, I could not care less. That is between those people and “whatever”. So long as the best interest of America is carried out, I don’t really care how we get there, and as long as it isn’t a foreign adversary forcing their will upon servants of our democracy, I don’t care. My mission isn’t to expose some deep dark conspiracies. Chasing shadows is a waste of time, energy, and resources, and it pulls away from real work of governing this Great Nation. We already have tangible, real, literal adversaries like Russia attempting to control our elections. We should focus on that. There is no shadow about what they tried to do.

I can tell you if I eventually declare candidacy and become President, you can rest assured I will not be secretly attending any Bilderberg or Club of Rome meetings unless they are openly disclosed to the entire world, the contents are made public, they are legal, productive for the direct interest of the United States, within the guidelines of the Constitution, and I feel like it. That means I probably wouldn’t be going because I would be too busy doing the work of our nation. It is that simple. A fiduciary of a nation in this modern times needs to be careful to avoid all appearance of legal and ethical impropriety. Especially today, there is no room for gray area. We need to rid this nation of false conspiracies, or at the very least, cause certain American citizens fearful of our government’s involvement in conspiracies to once again respect those in the government as servants of the people! Participating in questionable activities with world “elites” creates more suspicions than solves problems. Whether or not there is any truth whatsoever to the theories, or whether it is simply groups getting together trying to solve problems outside the spotlight, I really couldn’t care less. I won’t participate in questionable things that could make Americans uneasy. This is how I would deal with the “rabbit holes” of conspiracy theories.

“Fake News” Conspiracy Theories

Then we have the wannabe dictator Trump conspiracies. These are conspiracies he either hears and immediately retweets because he “likes the sound” of them, or makes them up in entirety on his own in order to cause the people at his rallies to “feel” like he is in touch with some deeper truth, a “truth” that happens to be mostly a lie. It is a total manipulative tactic and lying Trump uses them solely to benefit himself. He likes to tout such things like “Climate Change hoax” or the “Russian Hoax” or the Obama “birther movement”. All of it is BS. He likes nothing better than to paint himself and all his followers as the victims of a grand conspiracy because the whole wide world wants to bring Trump down. That is pure narcissism at its worst!  Somehow, he thinks he is the only one who is going to make America Great again. He sees himself as the savior of America! Yeah, Right! What arrogance!

Well, speaking of the possibility of real conspiracies, those loyal to Trump might consider a true one. It is a known historical fact that Adolf Hitler ran his major political campaign during his rise to power off of a very similar “Make Germany Great Again” slogan. That should be chilling to anyone who realizes it. Personally, I like what Meghan McCain said when she annihilated that slogan at the passing of her heroic father, “The America of John McCain does not need to be made great again because America was already great”. That, my friends is the truth, and it is one of the main inspirations for my continually using the phrase throughout this book: this Great Nation.

The term “Deep State”

In addition to Trump’s lying lips in the realm of general conspiracy theories, he frequently throws the phrase “deep state” around and uses it whenever news media, the Mueller Investigation, tax disclosures, or pretty much any news comes up that strikes a nerve of fear in him toward eventual exposure of something he has purposely hidden from us.

Some have used this term for other potentially legitimate references, like the Turkish government in the 1990’s, or federal employees having deep knowledge etc., but Trump and his staff took the phrase and opportunistically hijacked it, and now, it has absolutely no legitimate truth whatsoever to the real world, but only in Trumpland. He has made himself the poor victim of this grand conspiracy against him. I hope and pray that those who support him have their eyes fully opened to see what self-serving garbage this really is! Honestly, it is easy to see. Simply ask, “who benefits or gets hurt by this conspiracy? If the answer comes out “Trump”, you know it is self-serving BS.


I am not a conspiracy theorist, but I understand there are forces on top of the ocean, and there are undercurrents. Here is my commitment to America: if I ever declare a candidacy and am elected, I will not violate national security, nor will I go around needlessly exposing United States’ dirty laundry (every nation has its dirty laundry), but if I find something the public needs to know about, I will make sure, with advice, that it happens.

If I find a program in the government that is secret and it could harm or hurt masses of people or is designed to control masses of people in a manipulative or harmful way, whether or not they are American citizens, I will do everything I can to shut it down. If there is something secret, that, if it were made known to the public, it would generate outrage because of a coverup, a shadow operation, or something that is harmful or hurtful to our nation or the image of our nation to the world, I will do everything I can to shut it down whether or not the general public ever finds out about it. My ultimate goal is to build as much transparency back into our system of government as possible without violating security or exposing the United States to foreign adversaries. Trust in our American government has eroded over many decades, and, consequently, trust in our democracy as well. It is for this very reason untrustworthy opportunists like Trump were able to inject themselves into our system and create a wrecking ball against the foundations of our nation. This must end.

And one other thing: If I do declare candidacy and am able to make it onto the Democratic Primary ballot, that could serve as anecdotal proof that conspiracy theories of “elitist” secret groups allowing only “their” people into the possibility of running for President, at least on the Democratic side, are completely false. I am literally a nobody coming out of nowhere in comparison to anyone else running for President. I have NO political affiliation and NO political background except a very small short-term situation where I got severely under the skin of a local government one time. At this moment, I don’t believe I became an automatically registered Democrat by my donation of around $50 in January of this year, but I might be. I have no idea. And I don’t believe I ever donated to the Republican party in my lifetime. You won’t find me inside any secret organizations no matter how hard you try. My life has been simple and reasonably straight forward as far back as you want to look. I’m about as plain as it gets with a few minor exceptions, which I’ll gladly explain at some later date if you decide to get to know me by making this book go viral.