Me Too Movement

In my viewpoint, every single victim of sexual assault should own their story and find their personal means for lawful vindication against their perpetrators. Because of this, I support the Me Too movement wholeheartedly. How and when a victim decides to expose a perpetrator should be within their complete power and control. The idea that political timing is involved in an exposure is completely irrelevant.

Take Christine Blasey Ford, for example. She was an amazingly brave hero who came forth, even knowing the likelihood was very high the spitball throwing President and unsympathetic GOP majority would attack her hard and relentlessly. And did they ever! It was utterly disgraceful. It is a wonder how some of these GOP Congressmen sleep at night. We know Trump has a hard heart, but the entire GOP (except for Senator Flake who it looked like stood almost alone)?

Mrs. Ford appeared to me a very credible witness, and, if I were President, Justice Kavanaugh’s name would have been withdrawn before she ever needed to testify. That would have ended the issue. But what did Spitball Trump do? Not only did he bulldoze, he also mocked her in a vindictive way at one of his rallies! And that action, if one thinks about it, was one of the most horrific, despicable things any human being, let alone the President of the United States could have done to Mrs. Ford and he did it publicly and shamelessly!  

Why was it so inhumane and despicable? Because in her testimony, when Senator Leahy asked her to give an account of the strongest memory she had, something that she can’t forget. Mrs. Ford brought up the two perpetrators laughing and having fun at her expense. Spitball Trump, like a death star laser, honed in on that trauma and maliciously hit her where it would hurt and potentially devastate her in the most utterly cruel and inhumane way possible: by laughing and mocking her with a jeering crowd laughing and mocking in the background at her expense!

If anyone realizes what that did, he potentially forced her to relive her trauma all over again with not just two people laughing and mocking this time, but thousands and even millions laughing and mocking as it blared all over the news for the whole world to see! Seriously, world, do we really need to question whether this heartless, disgusting wannabe could become a future despotic tyrant? He portrays cold, calculating, piercing, soul-murdering characteristics through actions like this. Should anyone with Trump’s moral depravity hold an office such as President in a democratic nation? I really don’t think there is a question in most of America’s mind at this point. Everyone knows he needs to be gone! But, can the will of America make it happen? THAT is the question.

What a display of utter disgrace toward Mrs. Ford, to all victims of sexual assault, to the office of the President, and to the United States of America! What a complete and utter blot and disgrace! Mrs. Ford, people may have forgotten about this simply because Trump inundates America daily with more and more repulsive behavior that most of us just can’t process fast enough. What goes in one day is gone the next. But I haven’t forgotten about it. And I won’t ever forget! I will fight against that pure evil whenever I hear about it and wherever I find it if I ever declare candidacy and am elected President. You can guarantee it, as long as it is lawfully within my power to do so and does not disgrace the office I would hold, I will fight to stop people like bottom-feeders and refuse of society such as Trump from bulldozing callously over legitimate victims of sexual assault or any calamity for that matter! It is my mission and desire to inject hope into our most valuable and  vulnerable places of society. I intend to do so at every single opportunity I can and that includes the Me Too movement!

Also, if I eventually declare candidacy and am elected President, Mrs. Ford, if you choose, you will have a real voice in my Administration. You are an amazing woman who is very talented, and very well qualified for some very tremendous things and I would be honored to serve with you in my Administration! Those are not empty words. If you are willing, I would like to have a dialogue with you as to how we can take your brilliance in psychology and apply it to your passions on a national level.

In addition to Mrs. Ford, I will also give powerful voices to other victims of sexual assault as well, hopefully in a way that touch the very heart of society in a positive, strengthening way! We’re at the edge of a social norm momentum shift where people who were once declared weak become STRONG. Misogamist Trump wants to stop it. I intend to push it straight over the edge!

Legal Disclaimer: The above section is written in the form of an assumption that on some future date, I will have declared a candidacy for President and will have won the 2020 election. I have not declared any candidacy for President yet.