To Christians who support Trump – Part 1

“Because they did not receive a love for the truth, God shall send them a strong delusion that they should believe a lie” (2 Thessalonians 2).

“if you sit and eat with a ruler, consider diligently what is put before you, and put a knife to your throat if you are given to appetite… eat and drink, he says, but his heart is not with you” (Proverbs 23:1-3)

Now when Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in His hand. Joshua approached Him and asked, “Are You for us or for our enemies?” “Neither”, He replied. “I have come as commander of the LORD’s army.” (Joshua 5:13, 14)


Dear Christians,

Many of you in the United States of America support Trump as President. Many of you don’t. The following are for those Christians who name the name of Jesus Christ, but have undying loyalty to President Trump.

First of all, I am a Christian of 34 years. I’ve been involved in various ministries throughout my Christian walk. I’ve had struggles to overcome obstacles in my life like all Christians do if they are sincere. I consider myself covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ my Savior like many of you.

But I ask you, who support Trump: How is your loyalty so divided between good and evil? How can you support, first of all, a mirky, unadulterated deceiver who lies almost every time he opens his mouth?

I know your argument: Many of you say, “I don’t like many things about him, but I support his policies”. Fine. I get that. However, you are not being a steward of the Cross when you do not avidly stand against acts that are purely and unequivocally evil. You have determined you will give Trump a free pass on his evil in order to gain the policies you agree with.

I ask you, how do you not read so many of the Scriptures and not feel the Holy Spirit’s conviction on your heart and soul for the hypocrisy this represents? How many souls will you block from seeing the real Jesus because they cannot get past your political hypocrisies?

Do you really think you are somehow pressing the Kingdom of God forward as you support the wannabe dictator Trump?

On the contrary, to move the Kingdom truly forward, we are to be like the Captain of the Lord’s army during Joshua’s day: we are to be neutral. We don’t blanket support anyone. We stand for Truth, not a human individual. The fact I am running for President right now, I do NOT want you to blanket support me! I would not receive undying loyalty from anyone. That would violate our loyalty to Christ!

And your undying loyalty to the Republicans, whose leadership has corrupted themselves and cast aside truth to attack true American Patriots like John McCain, Robert Mueller, and attack the very Constitution of the United States in favor of giving Trump the near status of king: this loyalty and support is astonishing!

(This was written before the impeachment hearings. Add to that now, the many career civil servants Trump and GOP has vilified and brutally attacked during the hearings, dear Christian, it hasn’t gotten better, only worse. Not only that, just two days ago, Trump made a mocking joke about a representative who passed away being in hell right now. How can you support mocking an eternal state of misery those of us who believe that?)

There is ONE King we, as Christians, are to serve! Some of you have attended Trump rallies and joined in the cheering. Don’t you understand that when you applaud the wannabe dictator of America, you are supporting every single person he ever mocked at a rally? You are supporting ALL the horrible attacks he has committed against others. You are writing Trump a blank check to continue NOT condemning White Supremacists? The list goes on and on.

As a Christian, you cannot openly support Trump’s policies you like and not condemn his evil behavior and his profane and lying rhetoric! How many people will be lost, according to how many interpret the Bible, by your desire for a government policy. And how similar are we, the Church in America, to the brutal attitude of the Crusades of old? Are we not doing the very same in spirit? How is that meekness, gentleness, and kindness, three of the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit?


The Church has lost its way

There are so many signs that the American evangelical churches who support Trump have lost their way, but to me, more than anything is: how does a Christian explain in some Biblical way when Trump mocks others in his interviews or his rallies? He mocks people in ways that many liberals cringe and can hardly stomach. What he does makes me personally cringe! I don’t understand how this happens. What does it say about the message of the Christians supporting Trump when others rightly condemn him and act with far more decency and honor than Trump and, by proxy, you, because you have given him a blank check? Is what you are supporting going to cause anyone to want to be a Christian? Or is it leading to them despising us instead?

And what does it say about the Christian weakness as a group when they have no backbone whatsoever to stand against Trump with ONE voice and say, STOP the evil rhetoric and blatant lying or we will NOT support you any longer… PERIOD! We don’t care about your policies! STOP IT NOW!! If the Church wanted to give the wannabe dictator a chance to truly repent and turn to truth, THAT would be the message they would speak to him.

But No. The Church appears to have become very weak right now. There is no moral backbone to stand against the unrighteousness of a man that appears morally depraved and utterly perverse.

If you are a Christian and support Trump, I ask you: what are you thinking right now? You voted for him, fine. You didn’t want Hillary Clinton or a far left democrat to win for a number of conservative reasons and Trump pushed all your “conservative” buttons in 2016. I get that. But some of you supported Trump before the Republican primary was over, even when you had clear choices for other candidates whose attitude was far less repulsive and un-Christ like.

Have you bought into the lie that Christians support a “winner” rather than truth, honesty, and morality? What were you thinking back then? And now, your seeming undying loyalty to the narcissistic, lying, wannabe dictator is beyond belief.

Does the Bible really condone your support of him? Do you really subscribe to Machiavellian propaganda that the end justifies the means? So, as long as you get your conservative Supreme Court Justices, who cares if your leader spreads self-serving racial bigotries? Who cares if he mocks the disabled, victims of sexual assault, dishonors war heroes, coddles dictators, refuses to condemn the egregious murder of an American citizen, refuses to respect common human decency, helps force a border crisis that leads to the death of innocent children and trashes our allied nations, it is all okay as long as he claims to be against abortion and kicks transgenders out of the military? Is our Christianity that two-dimensional and obtuse?

Seriously, do you really believe the Holy Spirit has led you to undying loyalty to such a leader? Because that is what it appears like. Many of you will say, “YES, I believe the Holy Spirit told me to support Trump”. I’m not going to directly challenge that. And no one else can because once you say, “God told me”, the game is over for TRUTH in your soul. There is NO reasoning with a person from that point onward. That’s how it works with “God told me”. Been there, done that myself…. AND BEEN GRAVELY WRONG BEFORE!

Honestly, it astonishes me! Is it possible you are NOT following the Holy Spirit of TRUTH but rather a seducing spirit of a LIAR and a teaching that is not after Christ? “Now the Spirit expressly states that in the latter times some will depart from their faith and follow seducing spirits and teachings of demons, being swayed by hypocritical liars who have their consciences seared as with a hot iron” (1 Timothy 4:1).

I ask you to consider and pray about it.



Founder of “2020 Vision for the 2020 Election” movement

2020 Candidate, President of the United States