Pastors and Christian Leaders

Seriously, doesn’t your conscience even slightly bother you supporting Trump? If not, have you considered the following?

While you are preaching and teaching the love of God shed abroad for the entire world, have you considered that Trump climbs, not with people, but on top of people to get where he is at? This is not debatable either. This is not “judging” another. It is obvious public knowledge and all one has to do is watch him, and we know he throws everyone else under the bus to save himself.

Is this somehow okay with you because it is politics? While you protect your “flock” from local intruders or “big name teachers” who come in and stir up division and divide churches, and you push them out the door because the Bible says, “Mark those who cause divisions among you, and offenses contrary to the doctrine that has been taught to you” (Romans 16:17), do you lie in bed with one who climbed to the top of our democracy with a foundation of dividing and hurting our nation and polarizing us until we buckle and submit?

Do you believe it is okay because it is NOT in the Church?

Isn’t that hypocrisy? Many of you believe America is a “Christian” nation and you think it is okay to institute Christian type laws on society, yet don’t you give Trump a free pass because the pure evil he does is not in the Church but in the world?

That doesn’t make sense. Jesus said, “let your yes be yes, and your no be no” (Matthew 5:37). As you preach to your congregations every week, yet promote his divisive attitudes and policies by your support of him, are you not representing the epitome of hypocrisy?

If you lived in the day of Jesus Christ, is it possible you would have been one to support Caesar over Christ because he had the “authority” and the “sword”?

I’m sure most of you would say, “not on your life”. But by your support for a wannabe “Caesar” type of leader in our nation who spreads hate, division and strife, would you even recognize the spirit of Christ today in our society at a governmental level? Yet, you teach others to follow your example, pastors and shepherds. This is hypocrisy and a shame in the Church.

Not many of you should presume to be teachers, knowing you shall receive the greater judgment” (James 3:1). This is a very sobering verse for those of us who believe the Bible because whatever we believe, if we are teachers, pastors etc., we are multiplying our beliefs to others and it spreads like a remedy and healing, or a disease and cancer. Which one are you, dear pastor and leader, when you support a leader in this nation who, by their very nature, acts like a destructive wrecking ball against our Constitution and Rule of Law?