Part 2: Truth and Integrity as an alternative to Trump in 2020?

Dear Christian who supports Trump,

In the last writing to you, I spoke about your undying loyalty to Trump and how that cannot be a correct Biblical direction for anyone. In this article, I’d like to ask you to consider a path of peace for our nation and an alternative to someone who is divisive and destructive in nature.

Perhaps we can find a neutral ground where we no longer question what you believe God told you on how to vote two years ago. So, I ask you now, IF the right candidate runs as a Democrat and embraces some of the policies you liked from Trump and finds middle ground between Republicans and Democrats for the sake of a nation being torn apart by adversity within and enemies without, and such a candidate will also stand for truth and will NOT dishonor the name of Jesus Christ through lies and open profaneness as Trump does….

I ask you: If such a potential candidate existed and decided to run for President, is it possible the Holy Spirit could tell you to change your vote for 2020?

If you were to meet me at that “middle ground” point, I believe you are heading away from the error of giving the profane, immoral, wannabe dictator undying loyalty.

It is important for us all to understand the political climate we are in. There is NO possibility of a Republican defeating Trump in a primary. NONE. He completely hijacked the party and it now belongs to him. To run as an independent could never be successful and is very risky. It could put Trump back into the White House again. There is really only ONE possible avenue for this: with the Democratic Party alone.

To many of you who are conservative, I know it makes you potentially cringe to hear that. You are so deep in your beliefs and, due to some of the media you watch, you almost believe the Democrats are responsible for everything bad in the world today.

But my statement is: the Republican Party had their chance to stand against the wannabe Dictator Trump so many times it is beyond count. They chose to support his lies and his trampling over the Constitution. They already had their chance and the brave ones like former Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker had to get out. They knew it was a losing battle to go against the Trump train as a Republican and win. The Democratic Party is the only possible avenue to defeat Trump.

Now granted, if the Democratic Party goes way left and will not even hear someone from the center who truly wants to bring peace to this nation and thread the needle to sew together the horrible divisions caused by Trump, the Republicans, and the Democratic Party of the past, then the party squandered this opportunity just as the Republicans did, and they would be showing themselves to be JUST as divisive as Trump ever was.

This would be a great tragedy and pretty much solidify the final eventual destruction of our democracy at some future time down the road, whether it be the next four years by the wannabe, or slightly beyond when the socialistic polarization has its day.

The polarization in our nation is unsustainable.

Therefore, I ask for your consideration and I ask you to pray about it. I also ask you to consider a vision where this nation healed and we stopped “right and left” fighting and we focused on the issues that were pertinent to Americans, not politicians. If this vision resonates in your heart, please pray the individuals in the Democratic Party as a whole begin to open their hearts toward a “better” way than far left or even attempting to eek out a victory in the battleground states. It is too risky for our nation. There is a much wider and broader plan and audience, if they would just open their eyes and hearts.

Whether it would be myself or another, I can tell you that if I declared candidacy, had proper funding, and ran, I would go deep, deep in to Red territory and go after votes in places other Democrats could not go right now, simply because I speak the same language as many of you. Many like Trump’s policies, but see his wannabe dictator characteristics and do NOT want to lose the democracy our Founding Fathers created. They would “jump the line” and vote BLUE if a leader arose who could take the party into the center.

Remember, this is NOT about Republican or Democrat. It never has been about that. This is about America and whether the vehicle to a sustainable democracy currently resides with the Republicans, Democrats or independents, it makes no difference whatsoever. The most unseemly alliances ever imagined between polarized people could become the fuel that unites our Democracy and moves us toward saving it. Just look at Ted Cruz and AOC at the moment on their Twitter alliance (As of May 31, 2019). Amazing things are possible, if we only believe! This is what our nation needs.

There has to be middle ground. The Cross demands sacrifice! True sacrifice brings peace, and “blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God”. Let us ALL, democrats, republicans, liberals, and conservatives, bring OUR ideological sacrifices to the table for a true peace offering. Our nation needs this right now. Please join us and this movement.††


Founder of “2020 Vision for the 2020 Election” movement